About us

About us

Gala10.com is an exclusive selection of the best
online gift Shops and ideas worldwide.

The name “Gala10” stands for Gabys’ Top 10 online gift Shops.

How it all started

The idea of Gala10.com came to Gaby after she made bad experiences when sending gifts overseas. When she used to send gifts to her friends and family members living abroad, the recipients often received a letter from customs requesting them to declare the value of the gift (which they obviously didn’t know) and then pay import duties. Her friends and family members were grateful for the gifts but they had to go through a bad experience.

After learning the lesson Gaby started to search for gift ideas in the country of residence of her friends and family which turned out to be a better idea than sending gifts from abroad. However a new problem emerged: after spending a lot of time looking for the right gift in a local online gift shop she was not able to pay with her foreign credit card. Then she had to start the search all over again. She also wanted to send the gifts wrapped in a gift paper and add a personal message with a greeting card. It was very time consuming to find a shop that offered all the services she was looking for.

That’s when Gaby decided to launch a website where she would list all the best gift shops from around the world including their services. Gala10.com was born. It is really great to create a solution that can help so many people around the globe. Today, even her husband uses Gala10.com to find corporate gifts for his clients.

Our vision is to be on top of mind of people when they think about gifts.

We care about our planet

We are a big supporter of initiatives that help prevent
climate change and incentive recycling to protect the
oceans and our beautiful planet.

That’s why 5% of the revenues generated by gala10.com is donated to Baumpflanzer.ch, our own private initiative to plant new and individualized trees near your home https://www.baumpflanzer.ch.

Contact us

Send us a message or write to info@ gala10.com and we will get back
to you as soon as possible.