Shop Awards

We select every year the best online
gift shops worldwide. For you.

We have selected more than 5,000 shops in over 40 countries!

Selection Process

We have established a list of minimum standard requirements that an online gift shop must offer. Some of the main requirements are:

Appear under top results in Google in the respective country and category
Have a working online shop and secure connection
Local presence in the respective country and offer delivery service
Have an email for customers to be

After filtering the shops in over 40 countries and 18 categories by the mentioned requirements, our team performs test purchases, studies carefully each shop, reads through the general terms and conditions and defines which services are offered by the shop. This work requires a lot of time, dedication and precision. The result of this hard work is «packed up» in our powerful search tool to help you find the best online gift shops and ideas with a few mouse clicks.
We are the only website providing this service for free on a global basis!

Gala10 Awards

As a result of our selection process we define which shops have fulfilled all our high standard criteria.

These shops are awarded with our «Best Online Gift Shops» Quality Seal. To add a last and additional quality layer about the information we have gathered, we send the list of the shop services we have identified to the shops for their review. Any feedback or modification request sent by the shop will be verified again by our team. This way we make sure all the information is complete and up to date.

We grant this exclusive Award on a yearly basis. You can be sure that every online gift shop that has our Quality Seal belongs to the best ones in its category and country!