Best Gift Ideas For Women in 2022 (India)

Shopping for women can get really difficult, let’s be honest. Not because there isn’t enough choice, but there are too many! So how do you choose the perfect gift for the women in your life?

 We have rounded up the top 10 gifts that you can get for less than INR 3,500, all of which are perfect to say, “You are special” to the women in your life, whether it is your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, or perhaps even a dear friend.

These gifts are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, other special occasions, or even if you wish to gift someone just for the heck of it! So, without further ado, here are the top 10 gift ideas for women that you can get for less than INR 3,500 in 2022:

1.   Chocolates And Flowers

Chocolates and flowers are a universal favorite amongst women, and you can never go wrong in this department. These gifts say you care. You can get the best chocolates and flowers at and, which is a multi-category gifting platform, is great for both of these gifts as well.

This customized chocolate greeting available at is an excellent way to send a customized message written in chocolate. This chocolate comes with a greeting card and a gift wrap option, which is excellent for special occasions. has been active since 2007 believes that chocolates work like a mantra, and we’re sure this customized chocolate greeting will do precisely that for your loved ones! Price: INR 499 is an online gifting company that has been around since 2012. This company offers various gift options, but these flowers are perhaps their most unique option. Take gifting flowers to a whole new level with these preserved roses that come in beautiful glass cases and last for almost 2-3 years! These flowers are a keeper (no pun intended) and can be gift wrapped as well. Price: INR 1,099

Chocolates are good gifts, and so are flowers. But a gift that has both? Nothing can beat that. offers some of the best and most aesthetic chocolate bouquets you will ever find. This particular bouquet, the assorted roses, and Ferrero Rocher chocolates is a bouquet that comes in a vase and has ten stems of roses., formerly known as, was founded in 1999 and is now India’s largest gift store offering gifts in several different categories. This particular vase that it offers has a same-day delivery option, which is perfect for last-minute gifting. It comes with a gift wrap option, a special message, and even a midnight delivery option for birthdays. Price: INR 1,945

2.   Fashion and Jewellery

It is no secret that women love their fashion and jewelry. But the challenge is to find high-quality gifts that are both in good taste and also pocket-friendly. Take a look at these fashion and jewelry gifts that we have rounded up for you from some of India’s best beauty and lifestyle stores.

Established in 2008, is India’s largest omni-chain jewelry store. They have exquisite jewelry to choose from, but these silver enamelled earrings take the cake. These earrings are uniquely handcrafted in 925 silver with a beautiful dull oxidised finish. offers free gift wrap, a gift message, along with free and insured shipping! Price: INR 2,100

A little back dress goes with pretty much every occasion, and this is the secret that most women swear by., a fashion and clothing store, was begun in 2012 to provide women with beautiful and affordable clothes. This black halter dress is a fit and flare type embellished at the neck. The embellishment at the neck gives this dress a classy look that your loved one is sure to adore! Price: INR 2,200

  • Faces Canada party-ready gift-box

Established in 2012, is one of India’s biggest beauty and lifestyle stores that offers all the popular make-up brands. This gift-box is a combo set containing two products, an intense matte lipstick that also doubles as a primer and comes in the Magnetic shade, as well as a kajal with a gel finish a built-in smudger to help your special someone create the perfect smokey eye. As it is a gift-box, it is entirely ready for gifting, and no extra gift wrapping is required! Price: INR 1,348

  • Fastrack Metal Watch

Founded in 1946, Fossil wristwatch is one of India’s most trusted watch traders hosting dozens of famous national and international watch brands. And a classy wristwatch is just the right gift for your loved one, no matter the occasion. This Fastrack watch is an exquisite metal watch with a chic pink dial that is just the right mixture of classy and funky for the woman in your life. It comes with a 2-year warranty. even offers free delivery for this product. Price: INR 3,495

3.   Gifts For Kids And Pets

Women are loving and caring towards pretty much everyone in their loves. Women love creatures, and there is nothing in this world that they love more than their kids and pets. A new mother or pet parent will be hugely appreciative of any gift that shows them that you are also thinking of their kids and pets. Here are some adorable gifts you can pick out!

Kids love nothing more than to cuddle and hug soft toys. This huge cuddly panda by is 150 cm tall and comes with a cute green bow tied around its neck. This panda is sold by It is a multi-brand toy retail chain that was established in 2015 that spread its presence pan India and offers some of the best bargains on popular national and international toy brands. This cuddly panda is available for express delivery (24 hours). Price: INR 2,699 is India’s first and largest online pet store that caters to all kinds of pets. It has a beautiful selection of dog beds which is perfect to be gifted a new pet parent. This crate pad by Dog Gone Smart comes in a bright cranberry color and is 19*24 inches inches. It is 100% organic cotton and bamboo fabric with biodegradable zippers. This bed is suitable for both adult dogs and puppies, so your loved ones and their pets would be able to enjoy this for years to come. You can also claim the coupon codes to get free shipping on this product. Price: INR 1,499

4.   Books

If the woman in your life is a bookworm, then gifting becomes a much easier task. Simply gift her a new book, and she will be happy to curl up with it in her little corner. Books make for wonderful gifts, but the question is, what book would you get? is an online book store in India dedicated to providing customers with books at brilliantly discounted rates. Their box sets are an excellent gifting option, as it allows your loved ones to have all books from their favorite author in their bookshelf. This Paulo Coelho box set is a set of 10 super-hit books by the famous author. You can get free delivery for this product and a gift wrap option for an extra fee. Price: INR 2,999

5.   Cigars

It’s not just men who smoke cigars; some classy ladies smoke them too! It’s time for us to break out of stereotypes, and that can start right here, with this gift of cigars! If you have a friend or a girlfriend who loves to light one up, then we have the best cigar gift suggestion for you. has been trading in some brilliant tobacco and smokers’ accessories ever since 1975. As smokers would agree, smoking accessories are sometimes the best gifts they would ever receive. This ashtray from Puffs and More not only has a sleek look, but this wooden ashtray has a classy carving on top of it as well. This ashtray is decorated with brass inlay and also has space to store cigarettes. offers free shipping on all products, as well as a gift wrap option complete with a bow ribbon! Price: INR 1,240

6.   Speakers

We all know that girl who loves music. If the woman in your life is just crazy over music, then why not gift her a set of speakers for her to blast her music from and is constantly blasting music through her old set of speakers, then why not gift her a new set of speakers for her enjoy her music? Here is our suggestion for the perfect set of speakers you can choose.

Croma is one of the most trusted electronics stores in the country. It is one of India’s largest electronics stores and has been operational ever since 2006. It is known for the quality of electronics that they sell, and the same goes for this brilliant set of portable Bluetooth speakers. This is a Phillips 1000 series 2.5 Watts portable speaker, black in color. This set of speakers is a perfect gift for your loved one who loves listening to music no matter where they go. Price: INR 3,499

7.   Wall décor

Everybody loves receiving gifts that they can show off, and wall décor is a gift that your loved one can display proudly to everyone who enters her home. Here is a quirky and fun piece of wall décor that you can gift to the women in your life.

This Bicycle wall accent is just the right blend of modern and vintage to lend a quirky and fun accent to the walls of your loved ones’ home. It is 91 cm long and comes in classy gold color. This bicycle wall accent is sold by It is India’s leading furniture store known for selling excellent home and wall décor products. Price: INR 2,995

8.   Sports shoes

Is your sister or girlfriend an athlete? Then gifting her some sports accessories is your best choice! And what better sports accessories can you get than running shoes?

Founded in 2012, is one of India’s leading online sports and fitness equipment stores. The Nike Downshifter 6 running shoes are one of the most sophisticated running shoes built with FluidRide and a Comfor-dry X-40 sock liner for extra comfort. These shoes come in a stunning combination of white and rose gold colors. offers free delivery on this product. Price: INR 2,795

9.   Vacation Resort

There is no better gift than the gift of time spent together. And this you can get by getting tickets to a retreat or a resort where you will be able to engage in all kinds of activities with your loved ones!

Wonder la is one of the most loved amusement parks in the country, not just by kids, but by adventure-loving adults as well. The best part is that this amusement park also has a beautiful resort where you can stay for a day. Your loved one will not only enjoy complimentary entry to the park for half a day, but also access to all the resort facilities!

Your loved one will not only enjoy complimentary breakfast and Wi-fi but all kinds of outdoor activities for a rejuvenating experience with nature! This package includes recreational activities, access to the gym, bar and restaurant with a dine-in facility and even a poolside candlit dinner. Price: INR 2,999

10. Fragrances

The power of smell is undeniable, and fragrances and perfumes make for exquisite gifts for your loved ones. Perfumes and fragrances are essentials for almost every woman these days, and thus, this would make the perfect gift for any occasion. Here is the best fragrance you can choose for the special woman in your life.

Deobazaar is a fragrance and grooming marketplace. They have an exclusive collection of deodorants and perfumes, such as this Elizabeth Arden perfume spray for women. This perfume pack is exceptionally budget-friendly. You can also add a free gifting card at checkout. Price: INR 2,112

Best Gift Ideas for Women in 2022 (USA)

With the online shopping industry in the United States growing exponentially, and with market analysts estimating 300 million online shoppers by 2023, (almost 91% of the entire country’s population!), your best bet to finding the perfect gift is definitely floating around on the world wide web.

As the pandemic changed the way people shop, online stores evolved too, offering multiple options to cover all spheres of the world of gifting. From daily necessities to luxury products, have it all gift-wrapped and delivered right to your doorstep.

Want to go the extra mile and show the special woman or women in your life how much you appreciate them? Here are 10 ideas for the best gifts under $100 for the special women in your life that they are sure to love!

1. Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Hear that often? You can never go wrong with jewelry. From earrings to necklaces and brooches, jewelry makes a great gift for women. Minimal yet significant, your selection in jewelry can be customized to match exactly what you’re looking for. 

This 6.0mm Cushion-Cut Lab-Created White Sapphire Sunburst Frame Pendant in Sterling Silver is both dainty and timeless. Retailing at $99 on, this item can be gift wrapped and sent over to you with a free greeting card attached in no time with their express delivery service.

Don’t know if the recipient of your gift prefers earrings or necklaces? Send them a gift card and let them make the choice themselves. With their free delivery and pickup service via UPS, you have nothing to worry about. Their money-back guarantee ensures that you get the best experience possible.

Still confused about what to choose? Check out the gift section on their website and look up the different price brackets that are to your budget. This way, you have multiple options every step of the way.

2. Tote Bag

No matter the profession of the woman in question, a good durable bag is something everyone can use. From quick errands to the grocery store to their nail appointments and for work purposes too, tote bags are something that most women tend to carry because not only are they trendy, they’re also usually large enough to fit in all the paraphernalia that women tend to carry around.

With the classic felt tote bag from, you’ve quite literally got both quality and style in the bag. This spacious tote is made from soft wool and features gusseted sides, double-sided leather strap handles, and a secret inside pocket. What’s more, you can add a custom monogram to your tote to give it a personalized signature touch.

Priced at $79, receive your tote bag before you know it with the express delivery option at checkout. With their money-back guarantee feature, there’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t explore this option.

Have some leftover budget? Throw all that extra cash on a gift card and have this whole gift package sent over to your special someone. With a free greeting card and gift wrap option made available, all you have to do is sit back and wait.

3. Chocolate Basket

Did you know chocolates are actually good for you? All the more reason to explore this option! And which woman doesn’t love chocolates? If you’re unsure about the kind of gift you’re looking for, the answer to your dilemma is chocolate.

With, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Want to send over a Gourmet or Seasonal Chocolate basket? Go right ahead. The gifting tab on this online chocolate store has more options than you can imagine!

The Thank You Chocolate Gift Basket on their website will surely melt the receiver’s heart. Priced at $49.50, this basket is filled with snack-sized candy bars that are perfect for the occasional post-lunch indulgence or work table munchie snack. Show your appreciation towards the women in your life with this 17″ x 13″ gift basket. From Skittles to Snickers, and everything in between you have the pick of the lot. Add a bouquet of roses from priced at $39.99 and you are set to win hearts and smiles. What’s not to love about classic flowers and chocolate gifts?

For bulk orders,’s corporate client’s department is your right-hand man. They also accept orders from abroad and offer a money-back guarantee in case of discrepancies. With a variety of gateways available right from Visa to GPay, what you get is a seamless and hassle-free experience.

4.   Artwork

With the pandemic having made remote employees of us all, a little home office accessory update is always appreciated. From file organizers to paperweights, even the smallest of gifts can make the biggest difference. Women love organizing things so these gifts will no doubt impress.

With, you can explore high-quality options for your bestie’s new home office. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who spends their day working from their home office and is glued to their chair, a little something to brighten up their space can definitely boost their morale. The website features several art pieces to spruce up your home office. Their Tracie Andrews Frieda Kahlo priced at $98 painting is powerful, artistic, and motivating. This online store also has some fantastic storage and decor accessories ready to be put to good use. Alternately, send your best friend a gift card and let her make the choice herself! With their order from abroad and deliveryvia FedEx, UPS and USPS options, place your order instantly no matter where you are. Their sales section offers brilliant corporate client department services and money-back guarantee schemes too!

5. Fitbit Aria Air

Has your significant other recently started on a fitness journey? That’s quite commendable, and they sure do deserve a little encouragement. Fitness is a challenge for most and consistency is the key to overcoming this challenge. Let your loved ones know that you are cheering them on right through their fitness journey.

A progress tracker is a perfect gift for both, a new health enthusiast and a gym rat as well. It helps track your daily improvements and motivates you to meet your goals for the day. Available in white and black global, this scale helps draw a more complete picture of your health. Sync it with your phone or Fitbit tracker to map your progress, connect with friends and have fun with fitness together! Retailing at $49.99, is the answer to all your fitness queries.

With a gift card option along with a money-back guarantee and free delivery options, this online store also accepts orders from abroad.

6. Apparel

A girl can never have enough clothes and shoes. With trends from yesteryears making comebacks, every piece is timeless. Who knows, a few years down the line our current wardrobes may be considered the ‘new vintage’. is one of the world’s most trusted clothing and accessories platforms. With tie-dye clothing taking the fashion world by storm, tie-dye dresses are very much in vogue. Priced at $82.27, this online website has just the styles to impress. Explore a ton of available tops, hoodies, sweatpants, dresses, skirts, and accessories too! Shop by budget and style and narrow your search down even further. Don’t forget to look into their mega deals section under the sales and offers tab for discounted pieces that are on sale.

If you’re indecisive about the style and fit, send your friend or loved one a gift card instead. Their order from abroad option coupled with international delivery helps get your gift to wherever it needs to be. This website also offers free delivery under USD50 with a pickup service alongside express delivery for urgent orders. Use their payment gateways to place your order and have the option of payment by installments too. With an ironclad money-back guarantee, you should fill that cart immediately.

7. Skincare Hamper

Do you hear your mum complain often about how dry and wrinkly her skin’s getting? While skin aging is a natural and inevitable phenomenon, there’s no reason why it can’t be slowed down. From cleansers to setting spray, every woman loves good quality skincare products.

With, all your skincare needs are well taken care of. Check out the different brands on their online store that offers a bevy of skin, hair, makeup, bath, and fragrance products. They also have a unique gift section to meet your budget and a special sales tab you should keep an eye out for! Their Exuviance AGE REVERSE Introductory Collection (Worth $109.00) which is priced at $84.00, will give your skin a youthful transformation while fighting all visible signs of skin aging. Formulated using potent and proven ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy and Polyhydroxy Acids, antioxidants, Retinol, etc. you are sure to see results.

Use this website’s order from abroad option and avail of their express delivery in case this is a last-minute gift. With free delivery for orders above USD50 and a money-back guarantee, you can go right ahead and get scrolling.

8. Books

The process of learning never stops. Books make the perfect gift for everyone. They’re always the right size, incredibly easy to wrap, and can be shared with others too! You can always go back to them and they sure are cheaper than a diamond necklace. Gifting a book to someone is a great way to pass on knowledge too.

Pick from among 175 million new and used books with Their 99 cent book collection allows you to send your loved one a whole year’s supply of books! Don’t forget to look up their gift ideas section to help you decide what might make a good gift. Explore different genres of books right from sci fi and adventure to cooking, romance, and philosophy. With books starting at prices as low as $0.99, you can go overboard with your purchase.

This online website also offers an order from abroad option with international delivery. Received a torn book? Their money-back guarantee will take care of all your issues.

9. Dinner set

If you’re looking for a gift for your neighbor’s house warming party, a dinner set is an incredible idea. One can always use a set of fancy dinner china for special occasions. is your one-stop-shop for all your home furnishing needs. From lighting to decor, art, and more; they have it all. Check out their 1948 Canape plate set for $98 that is sure to complement most color schemes and patterns perfectly. This chic porcelain dinnerware set is splattered with real gold. The perfect balance of timeless and modern, each piece of this set is dishwasher safe for up to 500 washes.

Want to give your new neighbor the liberty to pick what they like? This online website’s gift card option makes sure you can. Order from abroad and have your gifts sent over with their international delivery option. With express delivery options besides free delivery for orders above USD150, their money-back guarantee scheme assures high-quality products only.

10. Echo Dot

Alexa has become a household staple. From scheduling meetings to reading recipes and playing lullabies, Alexa can do it all. With a simple wi-fi connection, the Echo dot can be used to power your entire smart home. It is incredibly easy to set up and even more easy to use.

The internet’s favorite online mall offers the best deals on almost everything. Their exclusive Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart speaker with Alexa in Charcoal with Sengled Bluetooth bulb retails for $49.98 and is the best addition to your home. Want to set an alarm or a reminder about putting a load of laundry in? Just tell Alexa!

This website offers to gift wrap, add a gift card and a free greeting card on your behalf. Set a delivery day and their international delivery and express delivery services will make sure that they are delivered well in time. Don’t like what you’ve received? Use their pickup service and keep an eye out for their money-back guarantee option too!

With, you have centralized access to the world of gifting. Pick your country and the category you want to explore and just like that, more than half your work is done for you. Now all that remains is for you to take your pick and wait for that thank you card or call. When in doubt, always remember that if you can always count on someone to deliver, it is

Best Gift Ideas for Women in 2022 (Switzerland)

Did you know that the majority of the Swiss population between the ages of 16 and 74 has made at least one online purchase in the past three months? This puts Switzerland in second place behind the United Kingdom. The southern European countries like Portugal and Italy are far behind.

Due to the current situation, online shopping became a part of everyday life in Switzerland. Buying behavior has changed in the past few months. During the lockdown, when most of the shops are closed, online shopping is still rising and so it will in 2022 too. E-commerce offers a lot of benefits such as a huge selection of products, everything can be done from home, it is time-saving and comfortable. 

Do you want to show how much you appreciate your woman? We have researched for you the best gift ideas below sFr. 100.- that every woman will like. 

1. Shoes

Oh yes, shoes can make every woman happy. Sometimes it might be hard to pick the right one, but if you know your woman’s taste, you win. You can never go wrong with elegant and stylish high heels.
If she likes something more sporty, sneakers are a perfect choice. Shoes can be sometimes an expensive gift, but we have chosen two affordable models. ALDO black high heels match every outfit and are perfect for all occasions. Price: sFr. 80.

Popular and trendy Veja sneakers are simple but unique, could be worn with jeans but also with a dress. Price: sFr. 95.00.

You can get both on Zalando, the most popular online shop in Switzerland that offers gift cards, free delivery, money-back guarantee, and free return. Zalando has a wide selection for women, men, and kids in every category from shoes, clothes through accessories to beauty products.

2. Jewelry

If you give jewelry, your woman must mean something special to you. Pay attention to the taste of the recipient. Does the lady prefer to wear silver, gold, or rose jewelry? Colorful stones rose gold, and multicolored creations are very trendy this year such as statement earrings we picked for you. Price: sFr. 62.50.

But you can never go wrong with a Swarovski ring. We are sure that the woman will be very flattered. Price: sFr. 69.10.

Both products you can get on Online shop with wide jewelry selection offers free delivery and money-back guarantee.

3.Coffee or Tea

If your woman doesn’t like coffee then she might be probably a tea drinker. With Krups Nespresso machine Essenza Mini coffee will be ready to enjoy in just a few moments. Due to the compactness of the coffee machine, cleaning takes almost no time. Price: sFr. 78.70.

Stainless steel kettle from brand Proficook has a very nice design and comes in very handy. Price: sFr. 90.

All the products you can buy on Digitec Galaxus. This is one of the biggest online retailers in Switzerland with more than one million products on consumer electronics. And in any price range. They offer gift cards, free delivery, pick-up service, and money-back guarantee.

4. Flower with prosecco

Here comes a special gift. A 20 cl bottle of exclusive Prosecco Albino Armani DOC Extra Dry is integrated into this sweet floral greeting. Surprise your lady with a nice romantic candle dinner and a bottle of prosecco. Exclusivity is something that most women appreciate. knows what women like, nice decoration with a nice spectacle! For more personalization, you can add a greeting card. And the shop delivers on the same day if you order till 3 pm. Price: sFr. 85.50.

5. Perfume Set

With the Black Gift Set, Tonino Lamborghini presents three opulent luxury fragrance products: an eau de parfum as well as a body lotion, and a shower gel from the same collection. The extraordinary fragrance has fruity-citrus notes of lemon, raspberry, and orange, which merge with floral aromas of jasmine, lily, and spicy nutmeg. So it creates a unique fragrance experience. Price: sFr. 86.90. is Europe’s leading beauty platform, that inspires people to experience individual beauty. Treat your woman like a lady! They offer gift wrapping, international delivery or free delivery for orders above sFr. 120 in Switzerland.

6. Scented candle

This scented candle made it also into the top 10. Linari-SCURO candle provides sensual warm and spicy notes with Mediterranean-fruity accents of mandarin and creates a precious and stylish aroma in the room that is always subtle and light. Price: sFr. 52.90. has a wide selection, from inexpensive make-up to more exclusive beauty products, there is definitely a lot more to choose from. It offers free delivery for orders above sFr. 70.

7.The Diary

Almost every woman likes diaries. She will love this special Diary for 7 years because it only requires a couple of minutes per day. It provides more gratitude and self-love, but above it all, more calmness and mindfulness. The owners of this diary will live more consciously which will make everyday life more positive in those hectic times. Price: sFr. 56.90.

It’s available in It’s a popular bookselling company and also the largest Swiss online provider in this industry. The company is known for its high customer service and wide selection. The shop offers free delivery for orders above sFR. 30 as well as Pick up service


Women like to be cozy and warm. This cuddly blanket measures 140×160 cm, so her arms and feet will be warm at all times, no matter how many times she moves. Perfect for a romantic movie night. Price: sFr. 62.10

On you can get more inspiration and discover the large selection of furniture, accessories for interior design, and gardens for your home ideas. They offer free delivery for orders above sFR. 5’000, money-back guarantee, and a lot of payment methods such as Visa, Post Finance Card, PayPal, Mastercard, or WIR.


If you really want to spoil your woman, you know what to do. Full body massage is something she will never forget. Massages are the oldest health treatment. Through direct contact with the skin, many physical blockages or congestion can be recognized and specifically treated. Perfect for self-care and relaxing. Especially in times like these, it’s a nice way how to get away for a moment.  Price: sFr. 92. is the largest holiday and leisure resort in Switzerland, where everyone can enjoy the stay. It offers Wellness & Spa, adventure pool, outdoor go-kart track, Swiss Gym fitness center,  holiday apartments, and restaurant. Definitely worth trying! The company offers gift cards and different payment methods


Watches add elegance and harmony to the whole outfit, and that’s why women love them. The trend color of this year is rose gold. Watches with black dials are also very popular and make every watch an eye-catcher. We have chosen SWATCH Analog watch . A strong, daring, and beautiful watch will beautify your woman’s wrist. Price: sFr. 80.

Available in Manor is represented in all parts of the country, offers free delivery for orders above sFr. 100, pick-up service, money-back guarantee, and wide product selection. They have great customer service, pleasant employees, and shops all over Switzerland.

Best Gift Ideas for Men in 2022 (Switzerland)

Men usually don’t like shopping, so it’s always very difficult to find a gift idea that he will like. A survey of 2,000 British people conducted in 2013 found that men become bored after only 26 minutes of shopping, while it took women a full two hours. Bad tongues say that men don’t have taste or aesthetic sense that tells them what looks good and what not. It needs therefore a lot of courage to gift him something else apart from the typical bottle of wine.

But don’t worry, we are here help you. We have created a list of top 10 gift ideas for men below sFr. 100.- that will hopefully inspire you find something he will like.

Gift card for electronic Gadgets

Most men love electronic gadgets. If you want to impress a friend or a family member the best way to do it is with a gift card from a nice electronics shop. With a gift card you can select the amount you want to gift. We have selected the best electronics shops for you:

Mediamarkt: Media Markt is a German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics with over 1,000 stores in 14 European countries. Mediamarkt is Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics.

Digitec Galaxus is the biggest online retailer in Switzerland. It operates the Digitec and Galaxus online shops as well as ten stores in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. Digitec Galaxus AG showcases more than a million products in its range (in January 2018). While the Galaxus online warehouse stocks the full Digitec Galaxus AG range, digitec specialises in consumer electronics.

All men wear at least once a year a suit for a special occasion. It could be for a wedding, a baptism or even for work. Cufflinks are a very special and personal gift for an elegant man. We have selected for you the best jewelry shops that offer cufflinks for a price below sFr. 100:

Stainless steel, carbon cufflinks: These cufflinks are particularly easy to care for and skin-friendly. You can buy them at, an online shop of Rhomberg which is a jewelry shop that was founded in 1984 and has 27 branches in Switzerland. They are online since the year 2000 and have a long tradition of sending jewelry within Switzerland. You can add a gift wrap and a greeting card and delivery is for free. Price is sFr. 69.


If you don’t know exactly what the other person likes or you don’t want to gift anything too personal, the best is to go for a wine. A red wine is usually best suitable for a man. If you choose a well-known region like France, Italy or Spain you should be always fine. If you want to dare a something more exotic, you could try an Argentinean or Chilenean wine as well. Here is a selection of some wines you might like:

Loco: Very dark ruby ​​red, open on the nose with notes of cassis, plum, toast and cedarwood, juicy and soft on the palate with dense, fully ripe fruit and fine-meshed tannins, a fruity, juicy wine with a long finish. This is a Red wine, blend Malbec, 2018 from Mendoza, Argentina, Selection Dieter Meier. You can find this wine at Coop. A great feature about this shop is that you can set a delivery day and time (very uncommon in Swiss online shops), which is ideal send a gift for a special occasion such as a brithday. Price sFr. 14.95

Casillero del Diablo: The sunny and enchanting landscapes of the Valle Central give us these grapes, from which the winemaker from the Chilean winery Concha y Toro conjures up this red wine with finesse and sensitivity. This dominant red wine 2017 – Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon crowns every festive meal with elegance and finesse. Culinary tip from the bottler: This Cabernet Sauvignon can be served with a Gruyère burger or ribeye steak. This is a Red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserva Privada 2017, Concha y Toro from Valle Central, Chile. You can buy this wine at The shop offers gift wrapping, you can add a greeting card for free and free delivery for orders above sFr. 100. Price sFr. 12.90

Masi, Amarone Costasera: Ruby red in the glass. Intense notes of plums, fruit compote and warm spices on the nose. On the palate, the wine is juicy and complex. Aromas of rum pot accompanied by harmoniously integrated tannins with an elegant acid structure. The finish is long and aromatic. This is a red wine from Valpolicella, 2015. This wine is sold by The shop offers a free greeting card as well or click-and-collect service. Price: sFr. 41.90.


A giftbasket is a typical gift in the corporate world. There are some baskets however that you can gift to friends and family members. We have chosen two that we regard as appropriate for both corporate and private gifts.

GiftbasketApero”: This delicious basket contains a Prosecco Faveri 37.5 cl, bruschetta, olive groups, pate peperoncini, nuts helped including gift basket and mesh. At you can add a greeting card for sFr. 8. Price sFr 78.

Giftbasket Moët & Chandon N.I.R Dry with LED incl. two set glasses”: The golden real glass glasses delight with their dazzling gloss optics and are wonderful for celebrating with the  built-in LED lights! The rosé champagne relationship approach, which deals with the seductive taste and the background contact of a sweet aftertaste. A real gift for special occasions. At you can order from abroad, customize gifts, add a gift wrap and a greeting card. Price: sFr. 99.90


If your friend is a Cigar aficionado your best choice is to gift a nice box of cigars. If you don’t know which cigar brand he likes, you can choose among well known brands. We have selected for you two ideas:

Davidoff Robusto Selection: The Davidoff Robusto Selection offers an exciting journey through the five most popular Davidoff cigars in Robusto format. The Davidoff Robusto Selection comes in a beautiful wooden box. offers free delivery for orders above sFr. 150 and payment with invoice. This shop has a “gift ideas” segment with more ideas that you can check. Price: sFr. 102.

El Septimo Discovery Collection Gold: Available for the 2020 Holiday Season only, the Gold Edition makes the perfect stocking stuffer and comes in the limited edition Gold Edition packaging. Consisting of four cigars, the Gold Edition offers the perfect El Septimo sampling experience for beginner smokers looking to jump in and explore the large range of blends that El Septimo offers. These cigars are from Costa Rica. You can buy them at This shop offers the possibility to order from outside of Switzerland and free delivery for orders above sFr. 100. Price: sFr. 90.

House and Hobby

Most man like to have a nice-looking place and if they have a garden, they are the ones responsible for it most of the times. Therefore, a gift idea for the garden or for home can be an alternative.

Star Shower Slide Show: 12 colourful motif foils create moving or fixed LED light effects at the push of a button. 6 Christmas, 4 holiday and 2 Halloween motif foils. No conductors, no assembly, no tangled cables and no broken lamps. For indoors and outdoors. Perfect for Christmas and parties, specially when COVID is over and everybody will want to make a party and invite friends. You can buy this at This shop offers money back guarantee and payment with invoice. Price sFr. 69.90.

Indoor bonsai Ficus ‘Ginseng’ is a real hit and becomes an eye-catcher in the room or in the office! What is immediately noticeable is the thick and branched aerial root, which differs in every plant. Each plant therefore looks unique. The roots are grown in China and Malaysia. They are imported by Dutch growers and grown as bonsai in the greenhouse. So you can keep the indoor bonsai Ficus Ginseng like an ordinary houseplant in your office or at home. The indoor bonsai Ficus Ginseng can be placed in a light as well as in a slightly shady location. In summer you can also put the miniature tree outdoors, preferably in the shade. You can buy this bonsai at This shop offers money back guarantee and payment with invoice. Price sFr. 78.70.

Drinking bottle

With COVID-19 and home office being mandatory in a lot of countries and jobs, people are making exercises and traning at home. A nice drinking bottle can be of motivation to train at home and stay fluid.

Equa Smart-Bottle with App: This bottle is very special because it lights up as soon as you should have a drink during the day. However, everyone is different and doesn’t need a lot of water. With a tap on the bottle, you can see how well you are currently with your daily water intake. A slow glow shows that you are on the right track. A fast one that you still have to catch up. Snow white, 680ml. offers gift wrapping, greeting cards and money back guarantee. Price sFr. 89.-.

On Shoes

When we think about shoes it’s hard to believe that you could choose a brand that everybody likes. On, however, is the hottest new shoe brand in Switzerland for this year. The brand is so trendy because a) it’s Swiss made and b) Federer is a shareholder of the company. On offer very low-profile designs. Swiss love them. You can also buy hiking boots. If you happen to know the shoe size of your friend/beloved one, you can be sure that you will make him real happy. On shoes are however not cheap. But there are one or two models that cost around sFr. 100. We have chosen the Cloudflow model. You can buy it at The shop offers gift cards and you get free delivery and money back guarantee. Price: sFr. 105 (discounted).


With chocolates you will always make a good impression, no matter for which celebration. We have chosen following ideas from some nice chocolate shops:

Praliné Präsent Birthday: Silver box filled with 48 pieces of delicious homemade pralines and truffles including photo printing. You can print an individualized picture on your gift. Wrapped in cellophane with a mesh. The product can be picked up in 4 days or delivered in 6 days. You can buy this product at, order from abroad and add a greeting card. Price is sFr. 84.

Ballotin de chocolat: – This gourmet assortment will be the ideal addition to your holiday meals. Box of 630gr. You can buy this at The shop offers gift wraps, greeting cards and accepts orders from abroad. There is free delivery for orders above sFr. 40. The shop offers international delivery as well. Price: 99.90 sFr.

Which man doesn’t like to grill? Even if sommer is still a few months ahead, we have selected two ideas that could make your friend a happy grill-master:

BerHOFF Besteck-Set mit Schürze: Grill cutlery set made of stainless steel with black apron. You can buy this item at The shop offers gift wrapping, payment with invoice and by installments and free delivery. Price: sFr. 68.

TecTake Grillbesteck: ectake stainless steel grill cutlery are the ideal bbq tools when grilling. The handy and elegant aluminium case with black velvet inner lining is the perfect storage unit for your high-quality grilling tools and is always right at hand at home or when travelling. The bbq cutlery is made extra long, so that you can tend to the grill at any time while keeping enough distance from the embers. The case contains all important bbq accessories that you may need for a barbecue. You can buy this gift at The shop offers free delivery and accepts orders from abroad. Price: sFr. 88.99.

Best Gift Ideas for Men in 2022 (USA)

We know how difficult it is to find a gift idea he will love. Try something new, give him a unique gift he will love and he won’t forget. Our team has put together a list of 10 gift ideas in 18 different categories, so you get enough inspiration.


Most men who smoke are likely to smoke cigars, but often, they cannot find the right type of cigars—the perfect kinds are either too expensive or too far out of their reach. We’ve hand-selected some of the best, inexpensive cigars on the market that are easy-to-get and show quality with research with our help.


Does your man have an interest in luxury cigars? Impress him by gifting him with top-quality aged tobacco, right from the Dominican Republic. This mellow-to-medium body smoke is filled with rich cocoa flavors, toasted nuts, caramel, and sweet cedar that’ll leave your man wanting more. Made with golden-brown, premium wrappers from the famous Key West Bundles, this bundle of 25 is luxury-in-a-box. You can buy them at individually or buy them in the bundle of 25. offers you the possibility to add a free greeting card and a gift wrap. And if you are late with your gift, you can request express delivery. Price is $52.50 USD.


This handmade Al Capone Jamaican Blaze cigar is perfect when accompanied with an excellent dessert or with a fresh cup of brewed coffee. People who hate the smell of cigars find the Al Capone Handmade aroma to be appealing, as it is packed with exotic fragrances and flavors. With this deal, your man will be getting ten packs of 10 (a 100 in total) to make him want more after he’s done with these. offers a full money-back guarantee if he doesn’t like the cigars, but I’m sure he’ll be happy to find a free greeting card option—get it even faster with the express delivery that’s offered by! Price is $71.50 USD.


Almost every person on Earth loves chocolate, whether it’s milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or even chocolate in milk. For every occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries, chocolate has been the savior for those who are unsure of what to get their friend or significant other for their special day. With the help of premium chocolate that’s sure to get him excited, check out our hand-picked selection of the finest chocolate-related gifts.


Do you need to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary with a high-quality gift? Included with a small bottle of sparkling grape juice, Le Chocolate large chocolate box, wafer rolls and much more, this gift basket will make the perfect present for almost any occasion. This high quality gift basket also comes with Alprose Swiss chocolates and a large Hamantaschen cookie as well. offers a premium corporate client’s department for any questions, but they also offer a full money-back guarantee if he doesn’t like the basket. also ships worldwide, so location won’t be an issue. Price is $81.50 USD.


The Boo Birthday Wishes present is perfect for his birthday! Send him a super adorable plush of “Boo” the dog—Boo is a cute Pomeranian who went viral because of his adorableness. Boo sits right on top of a bright red birthday box which includes an iced, two-tiered sugar cookie and a decadent Ghirardelli milk and caramel chocolate bar. accepts many payment methods including Visa, American Express, PayPal, and more! There’s always a money-back guarantee if the gift isn’t to your standards. Price is $62.00 USD.


Men love fashion—most men have a hard time deciding what to wear or what to buy from stores. For example, sweaters are the one thing that is perfect for men. You can wear a sweater in almost any season, any environment, any place, and any occasion! From the best brands like J. Crew and Urban Outfitters, we can help you pick out the perfect sweaters for your man.


This comfortable, pique sweater comes in 5 different colors: Heather Sand, Frosty Olive, Navy, Nostalgia Blue, and Black. With many different sizes and a True Fit Calculator right on their website, you’ll have no problem finding a cute sweatshirt for your man. With 100% of the buyers recommending this item, you’ll quickly find that this sweatshirt will be one of the many things that your man will appreciate about you. For pet owners, this item has to be taken care of since reviewers suggest that pet nails can easily create snags within the loose weaves of the sweater. offers gift card services along with international delivery and a full money-back guarantee. Price is $89.50 USD.


Made with a textured, wood-blend knit by Schott, this sweater will go great with a pair of denim jeans and some nice shoes. This sweater features a pullover style with a partial button placket at the neck with ribbing trims at the cuffs. This sweater, which comes in Grey or Cream, is inexpensive and made with high-quality wool and acrylic, which is excellent for a man who appreciates sweaters that aren’t too bulky and that word best underneath jackets. At first, this sweater may seem thin, but with aesthetics, it’ll do its best to keep your man warm during breezy days and date nights. lets you buy a gift card if you’re interested. You can also win free delivery for orders above $50 USD at which means that this sweater will automatically qualify. Price is $65.00 USD.


If it’s one thing that interests men a lot, it would have to be electronics. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or filled with circuitry; a simple, mechanical electronic will be enough to make a man happy if he’s interested in it. The genre of electronics is a broad subject, but with our help, we’ve shortened down the categories to help you decide what your man would truly appreciate from our selection.


If you’re looking to get your man a gaming gift, a lovely, premium headset is always the go-to. Audio is half of the gaming experience, and without the proper accessories, gaming doesn’t feel right. HyperX Cloud Stinger is the ideal headset for gamers looking for lightweight comfort, premium sound quality, and added convenience. With memory foam, adjustable steel sliders, intuitive volume control, and multi-platform compatibility, your man can use this with a PC or any gaming console he wants. Available colors are black, black and red, and pink. offers a corporate client’s department for those who are wanting help picking out a special present, and they also offer gift card services! Price is $50.00 USD.


With COVID-19 and quarantines, home-working has taken some time to get used to, but if your man likes to work from home, the Lenovo Smart Clock will make a great addition to the home office! With Google Assistant, the Lenovo Smart Clock comes with a beautiful 4” display and a delightful assistant that will cater to your needs. In the mornings, during the evenings, before sleeping, all he’d have to say is “Hey Google” to quickly figure out his daily tasks, enjoy music, view answers, and much more! ships to many locations, and you can also receive free shipping with orders above $40 USD which means that this clock will automatically qualify—there’s also a money-back guarantee just in case. Price is $80.00 USD.


With COVID-19 and quarantines that have been happening worldwide, the work-from-home atmosphere has only developed. Appliances like desks, office chairs, bookshelves, and other home-office-related items have been selling like crazy. Here, at, we want to help pick out the most meaningful gifts for him while showing appreciation and not breaking the bank.


If your man is running out of space to put his laptop on his desk without taking up a lot of space, this mount attachment is the perfect present for him! The Laptop Mount Attachment will lift a laptop fully off the desktop, allowing him to clear valuable workspace while adapting better posture and avoiding eyestrain. Working with laptops up to 11” deep and 1.5” thick, the laptop mount will allow for a more productive workflow and a happier work-from-home environment. honors a one year warranty on all of their products along with an option for adding a free greeting card. Price is $95.00 USD.


If your man is looking for less eyestrain and more light, the Brandes 1-Light Armed Sconce would be a perfect addition to his office at home. This one-armed wall sconce brightens up a room without taking up any square footage while adding a decorative, mid-century aesthetic to the room. Made from steel and retro-satin bronze finish, it comes with decorative screw caps and a single-short, straight arm which provides bold contrasts. Covered with a matte-black finish, this lamp is sure to give a relaxed mind with relaxed vibes to the home office. Buying from lets you win free delivery for orders above $50 USD, and in this case, it’ll automatically qualify. You can even buy a gift card just in case you are unsure of what he would like. Price is $60.00 USD.


Jewelry is seen as an uncommon gift for men and more common for women, but in 2021, jewelry seems to be making a comeback for men. Jewelry doesn’t always have to be the shiniest earrings or bracelet; instead, it can be meaningful. For example, if your boyfriend/husband was born in March, you could get him a bracelet with his birthstone, aquamarine, on it! This is just a basic example, but look below to see what other ideas we had in mind.


Make his everyday wear perfect with this personalized dog tag pendant! Created in sterling silver, this dog tag pendant will showcase a name or a word of your choice (from five to eight characters in length) inscribed in a bold, block font. This pendant is suspended along an 18” bead chain that secures the charm with a spring-ring clasp, ensuring anyone that the pendant won’t be dropped or lost. If your significant other’s name is longer than eight characters, I’d suggest using a nickname! features a gift wrapping option along with fully customizable features. Throw in a free greeting card if you’d like to, as well! Price is $99.00 USD.


This stainless steel curb link chain is fashioned in gleaming appeal, a staple for any man’s jewelry repertoire. This classic bracelet is sure to win your man’s heart, whether it’s his birthday or an anniversary. This bracelet measures 9” in length and is secured with a lobster clasp, ensuring that this bracelet won’t be lost or dropped when running, walking, driving, or any other casual exercises. provides users with a free greeting card along with free delivery, so you can save money! Make the order customizable at Price is $65.00 USD.


If you genuinely want something that no man can resist, it would have to be cologne. Smelling good is a desire for most people, and with the right type of cologne, a man’s day will be made. Although it can be challenging to know what kind of cologne a man likes, most guesses are made out of what kind of clothes he likes to wear—you have to smell like what you look like! For a more formal night or a casual, relaxed evening, we’ll be happy to help you pick out the right smells for him.


Even though Versace is known to be an expensive brand, it gets its hype from its smell. With new and exquisite qualities of natural citrus, aquatic notes, and violet, it combines many forms of fragrances into a scent that leaves others wondering what that amazing smell is. Versace gives off modern hints of fig leaves with an Earthy and woody aroma to give an incisive, Mediterranean freshness vibe. While this fragrance works for both men and women, if your man likes a strong sea-salt/aquatic vibe, this cologne would be the go-to for him. Spend $50 USD or more, and receive free shipping to any US locations at Price is $72.00 USD.


With this being a personal favorite, if your man is into feeling formal or smelling literally like a million dollars, this cologne would be the best fit for him. One Million has a fresh and spicy fragrance for men with notes of amber, leather, and tangerine—it defies all the rules and upsets the codes while adding a touch of irresistible seduction. More features of the smell include frosted grapefruit, blood mandarin, peppermint, rose Absolute, musk, cinnamon bark, and white wood, which will leave him wanting to put more on. At, you can add a free greeting card option, or you can even add gift wrap to spice up the cologne! Price is $74.00 USD.


Not all men, yes, but a lot of men are into sports throughout their life. Whether it’s golfing, fishing, or jogging, he’s got to have the right equipment for the right job. With this in mind, sporting equipment can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Shoes and other tiny accessories are the first to come into the mind when sports is brought up, so instead of getting him something he’s pickier about, why not try getting him some shoes or other sporting equipment?


Is your man a runner, or is he looking for new shoes for casual wear? The men’s Brooks Launch 7 can help him move at light speed in their new running shoes. With lightweight BioMoGo DNA cushioning, flexible rubber, and a uniquely-shaped midfoot transition zone, these shoes live for going fast. With advanced and easy airflow and one-piece upper and internal bootie, they’re so comfortable that he might even forget that he’s even wearing the new Launch 7. At, if the shoe doesn’t fit, there’s always a money-back guarantee, but this will truly win your heart with free shipping. Price is $75.00 USD.


Help your man get back into his style roots with Nike’s classic Club Joggers. Brushed fleece will help keep him warm and comfortable whether he’s running outside during the cold or running in the gym. Having ribbed cuffs lets your man show off his favorite shoes, which helps tremendously with working out or just going on a casual walk somewhere. If your man is a big Nike fan, he has to have Club Joggers to go along with his shoes and a casual sweatshirt. You can win free delivery at by placing an order above $50 USD, and there’s always a money-back guarantee. Price is $55.00 USD.


Having a watch is almost always about looking classy with a nice suit or a casual outfit of the day. Nowadays, many watches are smartwatches that talk about the weather, play music, or even keep you up-to-date with your text messages. Still, we’re here to talk about traditional, classy watches that your man will appreciate. Having a watch collection can be expensive, but if that’s his thing, we can help you buy him a watch while staying under the budget.


The Thomas Earnshaw watch is exceptionally fashionable and comes with high quality, underrated within its price. With a 42 mm case diameter and battery-powered movement of Japanese Quartz, you can surprise him by getting this aesthetically-pleasing watch that he can wear with almost any of his outfits. Let him show off his new watch to his family and friends and hear him brag about who got it for him! At, you’ll be given a money-back guarantee for any defects within the watch. Get it faster with express delivery just in case! Price is $60.00 USD.


The Tommy Hilfiger Peter Black Dial Leather Strap Watch comes with a black stainless steel casing with a black dial, a mineral crystal, black hands, and white hour markers. With Quartz’s movement, you can surprise your man with a visually-attractive watch for half-of-the-price of a watch that you can buy at an expensive jewelry store. With this watch, you can get free delivery through along with a full money-back guarantee if he doesn’t like the watch. Price is $60.00 USD.


Last but not least, wine! Buying wine for your man for an anniversary is one of the best go-to’s, but some people like to keep the idea of wine on the back burner. Wine and champagne can be enjoyed on almost any occasion, which is why it works so well as a gift. If you know your man and what kind of wine he would be interested in trying, there are a lot of wines and champagnes out there that are waiting to be tested, and they’re also not going to break the bank.


With seductive aromas and delicious fruit and spice flavors, the Cabernet Sauvignon makes for the perfect occasion. This full-bodied wine is easy to appreciate, as it’s packed with ripe plum and black-currant notes, and it has a broad yet smooth tannic texture. It’s the first vintage of a new luxury tier from Clary Shannon in Northern California, where the best wines are made. With shipment policiesat, depending on where you’re at in the US, you can get this wine within a week of placing an order. At, you can also add gift wrap and a free greeting card—they also offer a pick-up service. Price is $65.00 USD.


Yarden Merlot Odem Vineyard was produced entirely from grapes grown in the Odem Vineyard in the Northern Golan Heights, just 1,200 meters above sea level. Planted in 1990, this Merlot has been farmed organically since the late 1990’s—the wine combines bright red and black fruit notes with hints of fresh herbs, spice, orange rind, and Earth. Aging in French oak barrels for more than a year provides a rich backdrop to the fruit’s unique personality. At, you can add a free greeting card and get the wine to him faster with express delivery. If you’re wanting free delivery, all you’d have to do is order a minimum of 12 bottles to win from! Price is $90.00 USD.