10 Bestselling Beauty Products in Switzerland

When it comes to beauty, choosing from a plethora of products can be a downright confusion. Picking out just one from rows of toners, cleansers, moisturisers, scrubs, and serums may prove a daunting task for you. Well, don’t dwell on it because, after tiring hours of research, we have prepared a list of 10 Bestselling Beauty Products in Switzerland just for you.

While you spend time and money checking one product after the other, the question always remains the same- which beauty product is best for you? Well, the answer depends on your priorities and expectations. Moreover, you must consider your skin type- oily, dry, acne-prone, sensitive and the season of the year before finalizing your final beauty picks.

You might have heard, “Switzerland isn’t as celebrious for its beauty products as much as its chocolate.” Not anymore! Keep scrolling down to discover the 10 bestselling selling beauty products in Switzerland.


The first product in our 10 bestselling beauty products in Switzerland is Elasten. It is a beauty supplement based on precious essences and typical ingredients that helps you reduce aging symptoms. In this age of advancement, women do not rely on outer agents to beautify themselves. 

So, where serums and creams do not work, they let collagen labour in the deep layers of skin and eliminate the causes of sagging skin and wrinkles. Beauty experts in Germany have developed a collagen-based drink that reaches deep into the skin and there stimulates the collagen-forming cells- fibroblasts. 

As a result, you will get reduced wrinkles, a refined complexion and tightened body. The collagen peptides it carries are peculiarly the same as natural human collagen, which makes it even more tolerable and effective. Customers’ reviews have shown that your skin will feel a positive change in only 1 month with fewer wrinkles, more elasticity and skin moisture.

Furthermore, its minerals include:

  • Collagen
  • Biotin
  • Vitamins C & E
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Acerola Fruit Extracts and
  • Tocopherloe

So if you want energetic and youthful skin not only from the outside but also from the inside, order it today on Shop-apotheke.com and deliver it to your doorsteps.

Rlaxyoo Massage Gun S3

If you often get stiff muscles due to intense gym workouts or sore neck due to the time you spend hunching over your laptop, our next recommendation on the list of 10 bestselling beauty products in Switzerland is Rlaxyoo Massage Gun S3.

Due to a hectic schedule, you may be unable to book a proper massage therapy session for yourself. However, with this electric machine massage gun in your possession, you can free yourself from the plight of strained muscles whenever you want. This tool can help you treat muscle soreness, stiffness and aches at home with just a click of a button.

Furthermore, it ensures quick muscle recovery by positively impacting fascia and bringing a new life to your connective tissues. What’s more, it is a conveniently chargeable hand-held device that is easy to port from one place to another.

Rlaxyoo Massage Gun S3 is the latest and improved version of S1 and S2 with its 6 heads, 30 gears, an input of 110-240V, a Lithium battery of 2400mah and an LCD Control Touch System. So hurry up and add this miracle massage gun machine to your cart on Aliexpress.com for just £39.47 with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Regulatpro Hyaluron Anti-Ageing Beauty Drink

The next product worth adding to your beauty routine is Regulaypro Hyaluron. The miracle drug-Hyaluronic Acid is not just creamed now but also drunk. Dr Niedermaier caters us with this beauty drink that helps you fight wrinkles and fade off the natural ageing symptoms.

Moreover, Dr Niedermaier originates this beauty drink from a patented cascade fermentation which splits all the essential ingredients into smoothly resorbable and distinctly concentrated components. All the ingredients in this anti-ageing magic drink are extracted from plants, making Regulaypro Hyaluron a vegan.

Additionally, this vegan beauty drink naturally provides skin1, connective tissues4, hair2, and nails3 with essential nutrients which boost their growth and overall appearance. It is because the collection of the selected ingredients makes Regulaypro Hyaluron an obsession in your daily beauty routine.

Regulaypro Hyaluron is on our list of 10 bestselling beauty products in Switzerland because it won the Wellness & Spa Innovation Award in the German Wellness Association in 2017. This award-winning product possesses the following ingredients in it:

  • Vitamin Biotin- maintains the healthy skin1
  • Mucous Membranes and Zinc- contribute to healthy hair2, skin1, nails3
  • Zinc & Cooper- helps the normal functioning of the immune system

So order it today on Vitaland.ch because a bottle a day will keep your aging away!

Sanitas SMA 35 Manicure & Pedicure Set

A beauty is no beauty without beautiful hands and feet. It is because your hands help you carry the innumerable tasks daily, and your feet support you in carrying the burden of your responsibilities throughout your life. These are two prime reasons to take care of them, don’t you think?

So if we are on the same page, I present you Sanitas SMA 35 Manicure & Pedicure Set– our popular pick among the 10 bestselling beauty products in Switzerland. When most people think about manicure and pedicure sets, they envision themselves at a luxurious spa enjoying the profoundly satisfying moments of their life.

But not from now on! SMA 35 Manicure & Pedicure Set has 7 high-quality sapphires, which are detailed below:

  1. Fine Sapphire Disc: It is used to file and treat your nails.
  2. Rough Sapphire Disc: It fills and edits the coarse grain of your nails.
  3. Sapphire Cone: It helps remove dry and hard skin on the sole or heels.
  4. Sapphire Callus Grinder: It quickly removes thick and large calluses.
  5. Cylinder Cutter: It helps to file lignified nail surfaces.
  6. Flame Cutter: It loosens the ingrown nails.
  7. Felt Cone: It polishes, buffs and smoothes the nail edges.

So order it today on Jelmoli-shop.ch and get yourself the hands you deserve!

Braun Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Our next recommendation on our list of the 10 bestselling beauty products in Switzerland is Braun Electric Facial Cleansing Brush. Would you, as a woman, like little hair on your face? Of course, not. How even silly to ask! That is why women are the best at scrutinizing from head to toe. And they should be because the only hair that needs to be there are eyebrows’.

With my suggestion of Braun Electric Facial Cleansing Brush, you can clearly avoid your trips to the parlours, which will not only save your money but also time. What’s more, the Barun Face cleanser lets you kill two birds with one shot. It means this device allows you to have two treatments with just simple switch attachments.

To explain more, you can either cleanse your skin pores with the facial brush or precisely remove facial hair with a facial epilator root. What you need to do is to swipe this magic wand around your face, and bam, all your unwanted are long gone.

The followings will be the inclusion in the box:

  • Braun Face 851 Epilator
  • Silver Epilator Protective Cap
  • Facial Cleansing Head
  • Lighted Vanity Mirror
  • Exfoliation Brush Head
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Travelling Pouch
  • AA Battery 

So let’s get rid of all your unwanted hair today by ordering it from Jelmoli-shop.ch at 50.90 CHF.

Hydas Disposable Panties

Beauty does not only come from a pretty face; instead, it reflects in confidence. A women’s charm is more compelling when she has comfort in her mind. Keeping the women’s needs in our mind, our reviewing team has also included Hydas Disposable Panties in our list of 10 bestselling beauty products in Switzerland.

Hydas Disposable Panties are generally designed with the purpose of being worn and thrown. Being made with quality material, they are not just comfy but also soothing for the skin due to their elastic band. These non-woven disposable panties come in handy where there is no availability of water. 

You, as a woman, can count on our recommendation during your menstrual cycle or after childbirth, as they are highly absorbable.

So if you want to feel clean and fresh all time during your travel or stay at the hospital, visit Jelmoli-shop.ch and get these not to skip items for just 39.90 CHF.

ALPINAMED Black Garlic Capsule

ALPINAMED Black Garlic Capsule is extracted from black garlic. It is a dietary supplement stuffed with vitamins from the B group. Vitamins B helps in maintaining the pivotal functioning of the body, such as nervous system, psychological function, heart function, iron metabolism, and energy metabolism.

Moreover, they consist of essential nutrients such as nicotinic acid, amino acid, zinc, iron, sodium and selenium that boost your immune system and reduce fatigue and tiredness. You can easily swallow these small soft capsules without any unpleasant burping.

It has the following properties:

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Lactose-free
  • Without preservatives
  • No odour and
  • No taste

Essential Ingredients:

  • 65% of black garlic extraction
  • Safflower oil
  • Glycerol Esters of vegetable fatty acids
  • Non-GMO soy lecithin
  • 35% capsule shell
  • Vitamin B1 & B2

Let’s visit mcdrogerie.ch and order a pack of 120 capsules in just 31.60 CHF with prime free shipping. Eat 3 capsules a day and give your brain and heart the health to live with life.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

Who does not want body-free hair? Unwanted hair around the body can actually reduce your charm. Using a razor on sensitive areas of skin can damage it severely, causing irritation. To give your beauty a boost, we recommend you to add Braun Silk Expert Pro 5– one of the top 10 bestselling beauty products in Switzerland, to your self care routine.

The Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 is a hair remover machine with ones of the most exciting features ever given in a product like it. Its most stand-out feature is the “SensoAdapt” skin top sensors. This feature allows the machine to read your skin shade continuously and then adapt the light sensitivity automatically for safe and effective use.

Moreover, there are 10 different intensity levels available, which let you remove your hair with the detailing you desire. Another feature ‘Gentle Mode”, is particularized for beginners and allows you to remove hair from sensitive skin areas. This magical hair remover cream not only helps you remove hair but also reduces its density for good.

So wait no more and order this loaded with features machine on Jelmoli-shop.ch for 439.00 CHF and deliver it to your door steps with fast delivery.

NYX Professional Makeup Bestseller Trio

NYX Professional Makeup Bestseller Trio is a set of three makeup products without which your makeup collection is incomplete. If you have ever used NYX makeup, you may know that this company is famous for its excellent makeup quality. 

In this trio, the company gives you its bestselling products in the combination of a set which seems to complete one another in the course of enhancing your beauty. This set includes a matte fish setting spray, a black liquid liner and a super shiny nude lip gloss.

Products Brief Details

NYX Makeup Setting Spray Matte Finish 60ml: It is an ultra-fine matte setting spray which helps you set your makeup with a comfortable matte finish.

NYX Butter Gloss Madeleine: It is a brown-toned nude ultra soft gloss which has a super shiny and non-sticky finish

NYX Epic Ink Liner Black: It is an eyeliner with intensely pigmented and waterproof liquid felt-tip-like.

So if you are willing to complete your makeup kit, go and visit beautybay.com and give this trio a shot!

BDK Gris Charnel Perfume

You might have heard, “The scent is the soul of personality.”  Keeping the fact in mind that the fragrance around you defines who you are, we recommend you to try BDK Gris Charnel Perfume.

Its warm spicy, woody and a little musky scent is fascinating, to say the least. It feels sweet at first and then becomes magical in the after hours. The fig and Diptyque Philosykos are rightly tempered by the spicy cardamon, making it a perfume worth wearing.

This perfume is a part of our list of 10 bestselling beauty products in Switzerland due to the creaminess of sandalwood and the sweet vanilla-like fragrance. Once you try it on, it will leave a long-lasting warm, rich, creamy impression on the people around you, and they can’t get enough of you to be around.

To your surprise, many individuals in our reviewing team who tasted this perfume for the sake of checking it have become so accustomed to using it that they can’t help wearing it now. So let’s just decide to give your fragrance an increase and buy it on kastner-oehler.ch.

Beste Geschenke-Shops der Schweiz im 2022

Jedes Jahr wählen wir die besten Online-Geschenkeläden der Welt aus.

Wir haben über 5’000 Shops in 18 Kategorien in 50 Ländern analysiert. Unser methodisches Auswahlverfahren besteht aus Mindestanforderungen, die die Geschäfte erfüllen müssen, um sich zu qualifizieren. Einige der Hauptanforderungen sind, unter den Top-Suchergebnissen in Google im jeweiligen Land und in der jeweiligen Kategorie zu erscheinen. Der Shop muss im Land präsent sein und über einen funktionierenden Online-Shop verfügen, der ein Lieferservice anbietet. Schliesslich ist es wichtig, dass der Shop kundenfreundlich aufgebaut ist und eine E-Mail-Adresse hat, damit Kunden ihre Anfragen verfolgen können.

Da es für unser Team unmöglich ist, jeden einzelnen guten Shop der Welt zu erfassen, sind wir immer offen für neue Anwendungen. Dies bedeutet, dass ein Shop, der ursprünglich nicht von unserem Team ausgewählt wurde, beantragen kann, in unserer Auswahl zu erscheinen, wenn der Shop alle unsere Anforderungen erfüllt, indem dieser eine Premium- oder eine Golden-Mitgliedschaft kauft (klicken Sie hier, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten). Da wir eine Vielzahl von Shopgrössen (von multinationalen Unternehmen bis zu neuen kleinen Boutiquen) einbeziehen möchten, machen wir eine Ausnahme von der oben genannten ersten Anforderung (erscheinen in den Top-Suchergebnissen in Google) für neue Shops und Boutiquen, falls der Shop den Rest der Anforderungen erfüllt. Auf diese Weise stellen wir sicher, dass wir alle Arten Shops einbeziehen, und geben Neulingen die Möglichkeit, ihre Dienstleistungen anzubieten und für ihre neue Marke zu werben.

Online-Shops haben seit COVID-19 viel an Relevanz gewonnen. Laut einer in Nasdaq veröffentlichten Studie werden bis 2040 95% aller Einkäufe online getätigt. Die Anzahl der Online-Shops nimmt mit hoher Geschwindigkeit zu. Deshalb hat es Gala10.com zu seiner Hauptaufgabe gemacht, die besten Online-Shops auszuwählen, um die Suche nach Geschenken zu vereinfachen. Genau das haben wir auch dieses Jahr wieder gemacht. Wir haben die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen und Rückgabebedingungen durchgelesen und in Tausenden von Online-Shops Testkäufe getätigt, um die “Crème de la Crème” für unsere Benutzer auszuwählen. Unser Ziel ist es, unseren Nutzern Zeit bei der Suche nach einem Geschenk zu sparen.

Und der Preis geht an ….

Zusätzlich zu unserem regulären Auswahlverfahren sind wir bei dieser Auswahl noch einen Schritt weiter gegangen, da wir den Nr. 1 Shop in jeder der 18 Kategorien, die wir verwalten, auswählen wollten. In dieser Liste haben wir uns stark auf die Dienstleistungen konzentriert, die von den Geschäften angeboten werden. Je mehr Komfort der Shop bietet, desto bessere Platzierungen wird er haben. Wir bevorzugen online Shops die ein exklusives Bereich mit Geschenkideen haben und solche, die praktische Services anbieten, um ein perfektes Geschenk zu machen. Im spezifischen meinen wir Services wie Geschenkverpackungs-Services, Grusskarten oder die Möglichkeit, einen bestimmten Liefertag festzulegen (ideal für Geburtstage oder Jubiläen).

Also legen Sie Ihren Gürtel an, hier finden Sie unsere Auswahl der besten Online Geschenke Shops der Schweiz im Jahr 2022 pro Kategorie.

Bücher: Buchhaus.ch

Buchhaus.ch wird von der 1838 gegründeten Lüthy-Gruppe geführt und ist eine der ältesten Buchhandlungen der Schweiz. Heute ist es das grösste familiengeführte Buchhandelsunternehmen der Schweiz. Kunden können eine Geschenkkarte bestellen oder ein Geschenk in Geschenkpapier mit einer kostenlosen Grusskarte und kostenlosem Versand versenden. Der Shop nimmt Bestellungen aus dem Ausland entgegen und bietet Rechnungszahlung an. Es gibt auch eine eigene Abteilung für Firmenkunden.

Shockolade: Cailler.ch

Cailler.ch ist die älteste Schokoladenmarke der Schweiz. Es wurde im frühen 1800 gegründet und gehört seit 1929 zur Nestle Gruppe. Das Unternehmen verfügt über eine Schokoladenfabrik, ein Schokoladenmuseum und bietet Online-Workshops zur Zubereitung eigener Schokoladenkreationen an. Der Online-Shop bietet die Möglichkeit, Schokoladenkisten zu individualisieren, indem Sie ein persönliches Bild hochladen und eine persönliche Nachricht schreiben. Bei Bestellungen über sFr 40.- ist die Lieferung kostenlos. Es gibt auch eine Abteilung für Firmenkunden.

Zigarren: Zigarrenversand.ch

Zigarrenversand.ch verkauft seit 2009 online Zigarren und Zubehör. Zusätzlich zu den Qualitätskontrollen der Lieferanten führt der Shop auch eigene Qualitätskontrollen durch. Die Zigarren werden bei 70% relativer Luftfeuchtigkeit gelagert. Ihre Website bietet einen schönen Bereich mit Geschenkideen für jedes Budget. Für Bestellungen über sFr. 160.- ist die Lieferung kostenlos und Sie können auch mit Rechnung oder Twint bezahlen.

Kleidung/Mode: Manor.ch

Manor.ch wurde 1902 gegründet und verfügt über 59 Manor Kaufhäuser, 29 Manor Food Supermärkte und 27 Manora Restaurants. Ihr Online-Shop ist der einzige unter unseren bevorzugten in der Kategorie Kleidung / Mode, der Geschenkverpackung anbietet. Der Online-Shop bietet auch einen eigenen Bereich mit Geschenkideen. Zusätzlich können Bestellungen aus dem Ausland aufgegeben werden, eine kostenlose Grusskarte kann hinzugefügt werden und Sie können mit Rechnung bezahlen. Dieser Shop bietet ein hervorragendes Preis- / Leistungsverhältnis.

Electronik: Interdiscount.ch

Interdiscount.ch wurde 1970 gegründet und hat mit rund 200 Filialen das dichteste Filialen-Netzwerk im Heimelektronikmarkt der Schweiz. Wie der Name schon sagt, ist Interdiscount für seine wettbewerbsfähigen Preise bekannt. Der Shop bietet eine Lieferung am nächsten Tag an, wenn die Bestellung vor 20 Uhr aufgegeben wird. Und wenn eine Lieferung am nächsten Tag nicht möglich ist, gibt die Website an, an welchem ​​Datum das Produkt geliefert wird. Dies ist ideal, wenn Sie ein Geschenk für einen besonderen Anlass wie einen Geburtstag direkt an jemanden senden möchten. Es bietet Geschenkkarten sowie eine kostenlose Lieferung für Bestellungen über sFr. 50.-. Leider bietet keiner unserer bevorzugten Shops in der Kategorie Elektronik Geschenkverpackungen an.

Blumen: Fleurop.ch

Fleurop AG wurde 1908 gegründet und ist der weltweit führende Blumenvermittlungsshop. Die Aktionäre sind ausschließlich Partnerfloristen, die einen Blumenladen betreiben und den Fleurop-Dienst anbieten. Dies ist der einzige Blumenladen in unserer bevorzugten Liste, der eine Lieferung am selben Tag anbietet. Perfekt für Leute, die mit ihren Glückwünschen zum Geburtstag etwas spät dran sind! Der Shop bietet die Möglichkeit, aus dem Ausland zu bestellen und bietet Geschenkkarten und Grusskarten sowie die Zahlung per Rechnung an.

Haus und Hobby: Pfister.ch

Möbel Pfister AG wurde 1882 gegründet. Heute verfügt das Unternehmen über 18 Niederlassungen in allen Teilen der Schweiz und ist mit 40’000 Produkten, die online gekauft werden können, einer der grössten Online-Anbieter auf dem Schweizer Möbelmarkt. Der Online-Shop ist der einzige Online-Shop in unserer bevorzugten Liste in dieser Kategorie, in dem Kunden den gewünschten Liefertermin auswählen können. Diese Funktion ist sehr wichtig, wenn Sie ein Geschenk für einen besonderen Anlass wie einen Geburtstag oder ein Jubiläum senden möchten. Darüber hinaus bietet der Shop die Möglichkeit, eine Geschenkkarte, Click-and-Collect, Geld-zurück-Garantie und eine kostenlose Lieferung für Bestellungen über sFr 100.

Schmuck: Schmuck.ch

Schmuck.ch wird von Rhomberg geführt, einem 1984 gegründeten Schmuckunternehmen mit 27 Niederlassungen in der Schweiz. Der Shop hat eine tolle Auswahl an Geschenkideen auf seiner Shop-Website. Dieser Shop bietet die Möglichkeit, ein Geschenk in Geschenkpapier zu versenden und Geschenke mit einer persönlichen Nachricht zu kennzeichnen. Man kann eine Grusskarte hinzufügen und die Lieferung ist kostenlos.

Make-Up/Beauty: Thebodyshop.ch

Thebodyshop.ch ist ein britisches Unternehmen für Kosmetik, Hautpflege und Parfüm, das 1976 gegründet wurde. Das Unternehmen verfügt über eine Produktpalette von 1’000 Produkten, die in rund 3’000 Geschäften in 65 Ländern verkauft werden. Es war das erste Schweizer Unternehmen, das eine CO2-neutrale Zertifizierung erhalten hat. Der Online-Shop bietet auf seiner Website eine Vielzahl von Geschenkideen. Die Bestellung wird per Postpack Priority gesendet, was normalerweise eine Lieferzeit von 1-2 Tagen dauert, oder Sie können per click-and-collect die Waren selber abholen. Es ist möglich, eine Grusskarte kostenlos hinzuzufügen, eine Geschenkkarte zu bestelle. Für Bestellungen über sFr. 80 fallen keine Versandkosten an. Sie können mit Rechnung bezahlen.

Online Einkaufszentrum: Brack.ch

Brack.ch ist ein 1994 von Roland Brack gegründetes Online-Einkaufszentrum. Heute bietet der Shop über 200’000 Produkte von 4’700 Marken in 6 Kategorien an und zählt über 800 Mitarbeiter. Herr Brack ist auch aus der TV-Show “Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz” bekannt. Der Shop bietet eine breite Palette kundenfreundlicher Dienstleistungen wie Geschenkverpackung, Grusskarten, Geschenkkarten, Auswahl des Liefertermins, kostenlose Lieferung und Zahlung in Raten oder mit Rechnung.

Parfüm: Impo.ch

Impo.ch wird von Import Parfumerie betrieben, einem 1976 gegründeten führenden Schweizer Anbieter von Prestige-Parfums und Kosmetik. Das Geschäft hat 110 Filialen in der Schweiz und verkauft Markenprodukte zu attraktiven Preisen mit kostenlosem Versand. Der Shop bietet eine Vielzahl praktischer Shop-Services wie die Möglichkeit, aus dem Ausland zu bestellen, click-and-collect und mit Rechnung oder Twint zu bezahlen.

Haustiere: Qualitpet

Qualipet.ch ist ein 1991 gegründetes Schweizer Familienunternehmen und der grösste spezialisierte Anbieter von Heimtierbedarf wie Katzenfutter, Hundefutter und anderem Tierzubehör in der Schweiz. Mit über 30’000 Produkten und unter dem Verband der Schweizer Tierhandlungen liefert dieser Shop eine breite Palette hochwertiger und zertifizierter Produkte. Der Shop bietet Geschenkkarten, die Möglichkeit, aus dem Ausland zu bestellen, kostenlose Lieferung für Bestellungen über sFr. 100 und Geld-zurück-Garantie.

Sport: Intersport.ch

Intersport.ch ist mit über 200 Filialen der grösste Verband von Sporteinzelhändlern in der Schweiz. Der Shop bietet kostenlose Lieferung für Bestellungen über sFr. 50 und kostenlose Rückgabe an, Geld-zurück-Garantie und Sie können mit Rechnung bezahlen.

Themen- und Wasserparks: Swissholidaypark.ch

Swissholidaypark.ch liegt oberhalb des Vierwaldstättersees in Morschach auf einem Hochplateau mit fantastischem Blick auf den Vierwaldstättersee und die Uri-Alpen. Es ist der grösste Ferien- und Erholungsort der Schweiz. Der Swiss Holiday Park ist eine einzigartige Urlaubswelt: 4 Unterkunftskategorien, eine Abenteuerfarm mit Reitschule für Kinder und spannende Indoor- und Outdoor-Aktivitäten wie Bowling, Klettern, Go-Kart, Minigolf und vieles mehr. Vier Restaurants bieten von Schweizer, internationaler und italienischer Küche bis hin zu Snacks. Kinderbetreuung und Babypflege werden täglich und mit altersgerechten Wochenprogrammen angeboten. Der Online-Shop bietet die Möglichkeit, eine Geschenkkarte zu kaufen und aus dem Ausland zu bestellen. Die Tickets werden per E-Mail oder per Post verschickt.

Kinder: Meinspielzeug.ch

Meinspielzeug.ch ist ein Online-Shop für Spielwaren mit über 30’000 Artikeln. Der Online-Shop verfügt über einen Suchfilter, mit dem Sie nach Geschenkideen nach Preisklasse und Thema suchen können. Es hat auch sehr schön gemachte Katalog und eine Liste empfohlener Spielzeuge. Jeder Artikel hat eine Altersempfehlung und eine Anzahl von Spielern. Der Shop bietet kostenlose Lieferung (in der Tat ist dies der einzige Kinderladen in unserer bevorzugten Liste, der kostenlose Lieferung ohne Mindestbestellwert bietet), Zahlung mit Rechnung und Geld-zurück-Garantie. Leider bietet es keine Geschenkverpackung an, aber fast keiner unserer bevorzugten Kinderläden bietet diesen Service mit Ausnahme eines Ladens an, aber auch nicht für alle Produkte.

Uhren: Uhrenschmuck24.ch

Uhrenschmuck24.ch wird von Christian Goldschmiede geführt, einem 1984 gegründeten Juweliergeschäft und einer der ältesten Zürcher Einzelhandelsketten der Uhren- und Schmuckindustrie. Der Shop hat 2 Filialen in Zürich und über 10’000 Modelle im Angebot. Die Website bietet einen klaren Überblick über die verschiedenen Uhrenkategorien. Und für Leute mit wenig Zeit gibt es ein ausgezeichnete hausinterne Suchmaschine, um die perfekte Uhr zu finden. Das Tool führt Sie durch Stile, Preis, Marke und weitere Parameter. Dies kann sehr hilfreich sein, wenn Sie ein Geschenk machen möchten. Der Online-Shop bietet kostenlose Lieferung, Geschenkverpackung, Geschenkkarten, Ratenzahlung mit 0% Finanzierungskosten und Geld-zurück-Garantie an.

Wein: Moevenpick-wein.ch

Moevenpick-wein.ch Mövenpick Wein ist einer der führenden Importeure und Lieferanten von Qualitätsweinen in der Schweiz und in Deutschland. Der erste Mövenpick-Weinkeller wurde in den 1950er Jahren in Zürich eröffnet. Mövenpick Wein verfügt nun über ein wachsendes Netzwerk von 35 Weinkellern in Deutschland und der Schweiz. Das umfassende Angebot an Qualitätsweinen umfasst mittlerweile 1’200 verschiedene Weine aus fast allen Ländern der Welt. Mövenpick ist bekannt für seine hochwertigen Produkte, nicht nur in Wein, sondern auch in den anderen Geschäftsbereichen Eis, Hotels und Restaurants. Der Erfolg des Unternehmens hat viel mit dem Firmenmotto zu tun: “Wir machen gewöhnliche Dinge auf außergewöhnliche Weise”. Der Online-Shop ist sehr gut strukturiert und verfügt über ein hervorragendes Segment für Geschenke, das Geschenkkarten, Geschenksets und -boxen, Accessoires und Gadgets umfasst. Zu den Geschenksets gehört eine schöne Holzkiste mit 2-3 Weinen aus verschiedenen Herkunftsländern. Der Shop bietet die Möglichkeit, aus dem Ausland zu bestellen, eine Geschenkverpackung und eine kostenlose Grusskarte hinzuzufügen sowie eine kostenlose Lieferung für Bestellungen über sFr. 300 und Click-and-Collect.

Online Shop Services in 2021 (Switzerland)

According to Carpathia the 5 largest online shops of Switzerland (stand 2018) are:

  1. Digitec.ch (sFr. 690 Mio sales in 2017)
  2. Zalando.ch (sFr. 685 Mio sales in 2017)
  3. Amazon.de (sFr. 575 Mio sales in 2017)
  4. Nespresso.com (sFr. 350 Mio sales in 2017))
  5. Brack.ch (sFr. 283 Mio sales in 2017)

It’s surprising to see that Nespresso belongs to the top 5 online shops. It seems that Swiss don’t only love chocolates but coffee as well. From the top 5 shops there are two foreign companies: Zalando (from Germany) and Amazon (from the USA). On the 6th place is Aliexpress (from China). Half of the top 6 online shops in Switzerland are foreign. That is still astonishing but less surprising since Switzerland is an interesting market for foreign companies. According to a study published by CBRE, Switzerland has – together with Liechtenstein – the largest purchasing power in Europe. While an average person from Zurich needs to work 4.7 days to buy a new Iphone X, an average person from Munich needs 10.1 days and an average person from Beijing needs to work 39.3 days.

Despite having the highest purchasing power, the Swiss prefer to pay with invoice. 78% of Swiss pay with invoice and 16% with credit card. This is probably due to a merely cash management reason since Swiss prefer to pay when they get their salary on the account. Swiss don’t like to have debts, therefore the credit card is used only in rare cases.

At Gala10.com we select every year the best online gift shops worldwide. We have selected over 5,000 online shops in 50 countries identifying over 1,300 shop services.

Our dedicated team has selected in Switzerland 169 online shops in 18 categories. For more information about our selection process please click here.

We have grouped the shop services in six different categories: Client segment, Product, Order, Delivery, Payment method and After-sales services. You can find a detailled explanation of all sub-categories of shop services we have identified here.

Let’s deep dive into the results of our analysis.

1. Client segment

In the client segment we have identified which online shops have a dedicated department for corporate clients. In Switzerland 18% of the analyzed shops offer such a department.

2. Product

Under product we have categorized all services that a customer can add when ordering a product. The most common services are 1. Gift card (36%), 2. Add a free greeting card (14%), 3. Add a gift wrap (13%) and 4. Add a greeting card (chargeable) (7%). Only 4% of the analyzed shops offers the possibility to label a personal message on the product and 1% offers the option to upload a logo or picture to the product. Mostly all flower shops offer customization of products, meaning that customers can add additional products to the order.

3. Order

36% of all Swiss shops accept orders from abroad. For such an international country this figure seems to be small. Maybe Swiss shops are loosing the opportunity to capture international customers.

4. Delivery

Free delivery is by far the most common service with 35% of Swiss online shops offering it. 13% of shops offer free delivery for orders above sFr. 100 and 8% offer free delivery for orders above sFr. 80%.

while 20% offer Post priority (one day delivery time with exception from weekends) and 16% Post express delivery (same day or by next morning) for an extra cost. Only 3% of Swiss online shops offer delivery on a specific day. This service is ideal for celebrations such as birthdays or anniversaries.

5. Payment methods

As we noted before, paying with invoice is the most preferred payment method by Swiss customers. However only 62% of the analyzed Swiss shops offer this payment method. In contrary almost 100% of shops offer payment with credit card followed by 63% Paypal. Only 11% of Swiss shops offer the possibility to pay in instalments.

6. After sales services

61% of all online shops offer money back guarantee, which is a pretty high ratio and stands for the high quality service Swiss shops strive to offer. In contrary, only 8% of Swiss shops offer a free return service. Only shop with a high volume of orders and returning customers can offer this service and stay profitable.

The perfect gift

When we think about which are the most important services a customer might need when sending a gift to a loved one or a client then we come up with following services: Add a greeting card (for free or chargeable), add a gift wrap, can be labeled with a personal message, select a delivery day or same day delivery. The perfect gift would be a one that is wrapped in a beautiful gift paper (for the wow-effect), with a personalized greeting card that arrives on the celebration occasion day (like birthday or mothers day) and has on top a gift with a personalized message. It comes out that sending a giftbasket will cover most of your expectations.

Best Gift Ideas for Women in 2022 (Switzerland)

Did you know that the majority of the Swiss population between the ages of 16 and 74 has made at least one online purchase in the past three months? This puts Switzerland in second place behind the United Kingdom. The southern European countries like Portugal and Italy are far behind.

Due to the current situation, online shopping became a part of everyday life in Switzerland. Buying behavior has changed in the past few months. During the lockdown, when most of the shops are closed, online shopping is still rising and so it will in 2022 too. E-commerce offers a lot of benefits such as a huge selection of products, everything can be done from home, it is time-saving and comfortable. 

Do you want to show how much you appreciate your woman? We have researched for you the best gift ideas below sFr. 100.- that every woman will like. 

1. Shoes

Oh yes, shoes can make every woman happy. Sometimes it might be hard to pick the right one, but if you know your woman’s taste, you win. You can never go wrong with elegant and stylish high heels.
If she likes something more sporty, sneakers are a perfect choice. Shoes can be sometimes an expensive gift, but we have chosen two affordable models. ALDO black high heels match every outfit and are perfect for all occasions. Price: sFr. 80.

Popular and trendy Veja sneakers are simple but unique, could be worn with jeans but also with a dress. Price: sFr. 95.00.

You can get both on Zalando, the most popular online shop in Switzerland that offers gift cards, free delivery, money-back guarantee, and free return. Zalando has a wide selection for women, men, and kids in every category from shoes, clothes through accessories to beauty products.

2. Jewelry

If you give jewelry, your woman must mean something special to you. Pay attention to the taste of the recipient. Does the lady prefer to wear silver, gold, or rose jewelry? Colorful stones rose gold, and multicolored creations are very trendy this year such as statement earrings we picked for you. Price: sFr. 62.50.

But you can never go wrong with a Swarovski ring. We are sure that the woman will be very flattered. Price: sFr. 69.10.

Both products you can get on  bijouteria.ch. Online shop with wide jewelry selection offers free delivery and money-back guarantee.

3.Coffee or Tea

If your woman doesn’t like coffee then she might be probably a tea drinker. With Krups Nespresso machine Essenza Mini coffee will be ready to enjoy in just a few moments. Due to the compactness of the coffee machine, cleaning takes almost no time. Price: sFr. 78.70.

Stainless steel kettle from brand Proficook has a very nice design and comes in very handy. Price: sFr. 90.

All the products you can buy on Digitec Galaxus. This is one of the biggest online retailers in Switzerland with more than one million products on consumer electronics. And in any price range. They offer gift cards, free delivery, pick-up service, and money-back guarantee.

4. Flower with prosecco

Here comes a special gift. A 20 cl bottle of exclusive Prosecco Albino Armani DOC Extra Dry is integrated into this sweet floral greeting. Surprise your lady with a nice romantic candle dinner and a bottle of prosecco. Exclusivity is something that most women appreciate. Fleurop.ch knows what women like, nice decoration with a nice spectacle! For more personalization, you can add a greeting card. And the shop delivers on the same day if you order till 3 pm. Price: sFr. 85.50.

5. Perfume Set

With the Black Gift Set, Tonino Lamborghini presents three opulent luxury fragrance products: an eau de parfum as well as a body lotion, and a shower gel from the same collection. The extraordinary fragrance has fruity-citrus notes of lemon, raspberry, and orange, which merge with floral aromas of jasmine, lily, and spicy nutmeg. So it creates a unique fragrance experience. Price: sFr. 86.90.

Douglas.ch is Europe’s leading beauty platform, that inspires people to experience individual beauty. Treat your woman like a lady! They offer gift wrapping, international delivery or free delivery for orders above sFr. 120 in Switzerland.

6. Scented candle

This scented candle made it also into the top 10. Linari-SCURO candle provides sensual warm and spicy notes with Mediterranean-fruity accents of mandarin and creates a precious and stylish aroma in the room that is always subtle and light. Price: sFr. 52.90.

Puresense.ch.ch has a wide selection, from inexpensive make-up to more exclusive beauty products, there is definitely a lot more to choose from. It offers free delivery for orders above sFr. 70.

7.The Diary

Almost every woman likes diaries. She will love this special Diary for 7 years because it only requires a couple of minutes per day. It provides more gratitude and self-love, but above it all, more calmness and mindfulness. The owners of this diary will live more consciously which will make everyday life more positive in those hectic times. Price: sFr. 56.90.

It’s available in OrellFuessli.ch. It’s a popular bookselling company and also the largest Swiss online provider in this industry. The company is known for its high customer service and wide selection. The shop offers free delivery for orders above sFR. 30 as well as Pick up service


Women like to be cozy and warm. This cuddly blanket measures 140×160 cm, so her arms and feet will be warm at all times, no matter how many times she moves. Perfect for a romantic movie night. Price: sFr. 62.10

On Mutoni.ch you can get more inspiration and discover the large selection of furniture, accessories for interior design, and gardens for your home ideas. They offer free delivery for orders above sFR. 5’000, money-back guarantee, and a lot of payment methods such as Visa, Post Finance Card, PayPal, Mastercard, or WIR.


If you really want to spoil your woman, you know what to do. Full body massage is something she will never forget. Massages are the oldest health treatment. Through direct contact with the skin, many physical blockages or congestion can be recognized and specifically treated. Perfect for self-care and relaxing. Especially in times like these, it’s a nice way how to get away for a moment.  Price: sFr. 92.

Swissholidaypark.ch is the largest holiday and leisure resort in Switzerland, where everyone can enjoy the stay. It offers Wellness & Spa, adventure pool, outdoor go-kart track, Swiss Gym fitness center,  holiday apartments, and restaurant. Definitely worth trying! The company offers gift cards and different payment methods


Watches add elegance and harmony to the whole outfit, and that’s why women love them. The trend color of this year is rose gold. Watches with black dials are also very popular and make every watch an eye-catcher. We have chosen SWATCH Analog watch . A strong, daring, and beautiful watch will beautify your woman’s wrist. Price: sFr. 80.

Available in Manor.ch. Manor is represented in all parts of the country, offers free delivery for orders above sFr. 100, pick-up service, money-back guarantee, and wide product selection. They have great customer service, pleasant employees, and shops all over Switzerland.

Best Gift Ideas for Men in 2022 (Switzerland)

Men usually don’t like shopping, so it’s always very difficult to find a gift idea that he will like. A survey of 2,000 British people conducted in 2013 found that men become bored after only 26 minutes of shopping, while it took women a full two hours. Bad tongues say that men don’t have taste or aesthetic sense that tells them what looks good and what not. It needs therefore a lot of courage to gift him something else apart from the typical bottle of wine.

But don’t worry, we are here help you. We have created a list of top 10 gift ideas for men below sFr. 100.- that will hopefully inspire you find something he will like.

Gift card for electronic Gadgets

Most men love electronic gadgets. If you want to impress a friend or a family member the best way to do it is with a gift card from a nice electronics shop. With a gift card you can select the amount you want to gift. We have selected the best electronics shops for you:

Mediamarkt: Media Markt is a German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics with over 1,000 stores in 14 European countries. Mediamarkt is Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics.

Digitec Galaxus is the biggest online retailer in Switzerland. It operates the Digitec and Galaxus online shops as well as ten stores in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. Digitec Galaxus AG showcases more than a million products in its range (in January 2018). While the Galaxus online warehouse stocks the full Digitec Galaxus AG range, digitec specialises in consumer electronics.

All men wear at least once a year a suit for a special occasion. It could be for a wedding, a baptism or even for work. Cufflinks are a very special and personal gift for an elegant man. We have selected for you the best jewelry shops that offer cufflinks for a price below sFr. 100:

Stainless steel, carbon cufflinks: These cufflinks are particularly easy to care for and skin-friendly. You can buy them at schmuck.ch, an online shop of Rhomberg which is a jewelry shop that was founded in 1984 and has 27 branches in Switzerland. They are online since the year 2000 and have a long tradition of sending jewelry within Switzerland. You can add a gift wrap and a greeting card and delivery is for free. Price is sFr. 69.


If you don’t know exactly what the other person likes or you don’t want to gift anything too personal, the best is to go for a wine. A red wine is usually best suitable for a man. If you choose a well-known region like France, Italy or Spain you should be always fine. If you want to dare a something more exotic, you could try an Argentinean or Chilenean wine as well. Here is a selection of some wines you might like:

Loco: Very dark ruby ​​red, open on the nose with notes of cassis, plum, toast and cedarwood, juicy and soft on the palate with dense, fully ripe fruit and fine-meshed tannins, a fruity, juicy wine with a long finish. This is a Red wine, blend Malbec, 2018 from Mendoza, Argentina, Selection Dieter Meier. You can find this wine at Coop. A great feature about this shop is that you can set a delivery day and time (very uncommon in Swiss online shops), which is ideal send a gift for a special occasion such as a brithday. Price sFr. 14.95

Casillero del Diablo: The sunny and enchanting landscapes of the Valle Central give us these grapes, from which the winemaker from the Chilean winery Concha y Toro conjures up this red wine with finesse and sensitivity. This dominant red wine 2017 – Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon crowns every festive meal with elegance and finesse. Culinary tip from the bottler: This Cabernet Sauvignon can be served with a Gruyère burger or ribeye steak. This is a Red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserva Privada 2017, Concha y Toro from Valle Central, Chile. You can buy this wine at flaschenpost.ch. The shop offers gift wrapping, you can add a greeting card for free and free delivery for orders above sFr. 100. Price sFr. 12.90

Masi, Amarone Costasera: Ruby red in the glass. Intense notes of plums, fruit compote and warm spices on the nose. On the palate, the wine is juicy and complex. Aromas of rum pot accompanied by harmoniously integrated tannins with an elegant acid structure. The finish is long and aromatic. This is a red wine from Valpolicella, 2015. This wine is sold by casadelvino.ch. The shop offers a free greeting card as well or click-and-collect service. Price: sFr. 41.90.


A giftbasket is a typical gift in the corporate world. There are some baskets however that you can gift to friends and family members. We have chosen two that we regard as appropriate for both corporate and private gifts.

GiftbasketApero”: This delicious basket contains a Prosecco Faveri 37.5 cl, bruschetta, olive groups, pate peperoncini, nuts helped including gift basket and mesh. At Vicolo.ch you can add a greeting card for sFr. 8. Price sFr 78.

Giftbasket Moët & Chandon N.I.R Dry with LED incl. two set glasses”: The golden real glass glasses delight with their dazzling gloss optics and are wonderful for celebrating with the  built-in LED lights! The rosé champagne relationship approach, which deals with the seductive taste and the background contact of a sweet aftertaste. A real gift for special occasions. At geschenkidee.ch you can order from abroad, customize gifts, add a gift wrap and a greeting card. Price: sFr. 99.90


If your friend is a Cigar aficionado your best choice is to gift a nice box of cigars. If you don’t know which cigar brand he likes, you can choose among well known brands. We have selected for you two ideas:

Davidoff Robusto Selection: The Davidoff Robusto Selection offers an exciting journey through the five most popular Davidoff cigars in Robusto format. The Davidoff Robusto Selection comes in a beautiful wooden box. Zigarrenversand.ch offers free delivery for orders above sFr. 150 and payment with invoice. This shop has a “gift ideas” segment with more ideas that you can check. Price: sFr. 102.

El Septimo Discovery Collection Gold: Available for the 2020 Holiday Season only, the Gold Edition makes the perfect stocking stuffer and comes in the limited edition Gold Edition packaging. Consisting of four cigars, the Gold Edition offers the perfect El Septimo sampling experience for beginner smokers looking to jump in and explore the large range of blends that El Septimo offers. These cigars are from Costa Rica. You can buy them at premium-cigars.ch. This shop offers the possibility to order from outside of Switzerland and free delivery for orders above sFr. 100. Price: sFr. 90.

House and Hobby

Most man like to have a nice-looking place and if they have a garden, they are the ones responsible for it most of the times. Therefore, a gift idea for the garden or for home can be an alternative.

Star Shower Slide Show: 12 colourful motif foils create moving or fixed LED light effects at the push of a button. 6 Christmas, 4 holiday and 2 Halloween motif foils. No conductors, no assembly, no tangled cables and no broken lamps. For indoors and outdoors. Perfect for Christmas and parties, specially when COVID is over and everybody will want to make a party and invite friends. You can buy this at hobby-online.ch. This shop offers money back guarantee and payment with invoice. Price sFr. 69.90.

Indoor bonsai Ficus ‘Ginseng’ is a real hit and becomes an eye-catcher in the room or in the office! What is immediately noticeable is the thick and branched aerial root, which differs in every plant. Each plant therefore looks unique. The roots are grown in China and Malaysia. They are imported by Dutch growers and grown as bonsai in the greenhouse. So you can keep the indoor bonsai Ficus Ginseng like an ordinary houseplant in your office or at home. The indoor bonsai Ficus Ginseng can be placed in a light as well as in a slightly shady location. In summer you can also put the miniature tree outdoors, preferably in the shade. You can buy this bonsai at baldur-garten.ch. This shop offers money back guarantee and payment with invoice. Price sFr. 78.70.

Drinking bottle

With COVID-19 and home office being mandatory in a lot of countries and jobs, people are making exercises and traning at home. A nice drinking bottle can be of motivation to train at home and stay fluid.

Equa Smart-Bottle with App: This bottle is very special because it lights up as soon as you should have a drink during the day. However, everyone is different and doesn’t need a lot of water. With a tap on the bottle, you can see how well you are currently with your daily water intake. A slow glow shows that you are on the right track. A fast one that you still have to catch up. Snow white, 680ml. Geschenkidee.ch offers gift wrapping, greeting cards and money back guarantee. Price sFr. 89.-.

On Shoes

When we think about shoes it’s hard to believe that you could choose a brand that everybody likes. On, however, is the hottest new shoe brand in Switzerland for this year. The brand is so trendy because a) it’s Swiss made and b) Federer is a shareholder of the company. On offer very low-profile designs. Swiss love them. You can also buy hiking boots. If you happen to know the shoe size of your friend/beloved one, you can be sure that you will make him real happy. On shoes are however not cheap. But there are one or two models that cost around sFr. 100. We have chosen the Cloudflow model. You can buy it at ochsnersport.ch. The shop offers gift cards and you get free delivery and money back guarantee. Price: sFr. 105 (discounted).


With chocolates you will always make a good impression, no matter for which celebration. We have chosen following ideas from some nice chocolate shops:

Praliné Präsent Birthday: Silver box filled with 48 pieces of delicious homemade pralines and truffles including photo printing. You can print an individualized picture on your gift. Wrapped in cellophane with a mesh. The product can be picked up in 4 days or delivered in 6 days. You can buy this product at confiserie.ch, order from abroad and add a greeting card. Price is sFr. 84.

Ballotin de chocolat: – This gourmet assortment will be the ideal addition to your holiday meals. Box of 630gr. You can buy this at durhonechocolatier.ch. The shop offers gift wraps, greeting cards and accepts orders from abroad. There is free delivery for orders above sFr. 40. The shop offers international delivery as well. Price: 99.90 sFr.

Which man doesn’t like to grill? Even if sommer is still a few months ahead, we have selected two ideas that could make your friend a happy grill-master:

BerHOFF Besteck-Set mit Schürze: Grill cutlery set made of stainless steel with black apron. You can buy this item at brack.ch. The shop offers gift wrapping, payment with invoice and by installments and free delivery. Price: sFr. 68.

TecTake Grillbesteck: ectake stainless steel grill cutlery are the ideal bbq tools when grilling. The handy and elegant aluminium case with black velvet inner lining is the perfect storage unit for your high-quality grilling tools and is always right at hand at home or when travelling. The bbq cutlery is made extra long, so that you can tend to the grill at any time while keeping enough distance from the embers. The case contains all important bbq accessories that you may need for a barbecue. You can buy this gift at galaxus.ch. The shop offers free delivery and accepts orders from abroad. Price: sFr. 88.99.

Best Gift Shops in Switzerland in 2022

Every year we select the best online gift shops worldwide.

We have selected over 5,000 shops in 18 categories in almost 50 countries. Our selection process consists of minimum requirements that the shops must meet in order to qualify. The main requirements are to appear under the top search results in Google in the respective country and category. The shop must have a local presence and have a working online shop that offers delivery service. Finally it is important that the shop has an email address (a part from a contact form if existing) so that customers can track their requests/claims.

Since it’s impossible for our team to capture every single good shop on earth we are always open for new applications. That means that a shop that was not originally selected by our team, can apply to appear on our selection if the shop fulfills all requirements listed above by purchasing a Premium or a Golden membership for a reasonable price (click here for more details). Since Gala10.com wants to include a large variety of shop sizes (from multinational companies to new small boutiques) we make an exception on the first requirement mentioned above (appear on top search results in google) for new shops and boutiques if our team considers that the shop meets the rest of the requirements. This way we make sure that we include all type of shops sizes and we give a chance to newcomers to offer their services and promote their new brand.

Online Shops have gained much more relevance since COVID-19. According to a research published in Nasdaq, by 2040 95% of all purchases will be made online. The number of online shops is increasing at a high paste, that’s why Gala10.com has made it to it’s main mission, to select the best online shops in order to make the search for gifts easier. This is exactly what we did this year again. We have read through the terms and conditions and return policies and we have made test purchases in thousands of online shops to select the “creme de la creme” for our users. Our objective is to make you save time when searching for a gift.

And the Award goes to….

In addition to our regular selection process we went a step further for this selection since we wanted to choose the Nr. 1 shop in every of the 18 categories that we manage. In this list we have focused on the services offered by the shops. The more convenience the shop offers the better rankings it will have. We prefer shops that have a dedicated section with gift ideas and convenient services to make a perfect gift like gift wrapping services, greeting cards or the possibility to set a delivery day (which is less common in Switzerland unfortunately).

So put your belt on, here goes our selection of the best online gift shops in Switzerland in 2022 per category.

Books: Buchhaus.ch

Buchhaus.ch is run by the Lüthy Group which was founded in 1838 making it one of the oldest bookstores in Switzerland. Today it’s the largest family-run book retailing company in Switzerland.  Customers can order a gift card or send a gift in wrapping paper, with a free greeting card and free delivery. The shop accepts orders from abroad and offers invoice payment. There is also a dedicated department for corporate clients.

Chocolates: Cailler.ch

Cailler.ch is the oldest chocolate brand of Switzerland. It was founded in the early 1800 and it belongs since 1929 to Nestle Group. The company has a chocolate factory, a chocolate museum and it offers online workshops on how to prepare your own chocolate creations. The online shop offers the possibility to individualize chocolate boxes by uploading a personal picture and writing a personal message. Delivery is for free for orders above sFr. 40.-. There is a department for corporate clients as well.

Cigars: Zigarrenversand.ch

Zigarrenversand.ch sells cigars and accessories online since 2009. In addition to quality controls from their suppliers, the shop also carries out their own quality controls. The cigars are stored at 70% relative humidity.  Their website offers a nice section with gift ideas for all budgets. For orders above sFr. 160.- the delivery is for free and you can pay with invoice or twint as well.

Clothing/Fashion: Manor.ch

Manor.ch was founded in 1902 and has 59 Manor department stores, 29 Manor Food supermarkets and 27 Manora restaurants. Their online shop is the only one among our preferred ones in the category clothing/fashion that offers gift wapping. The online shop offers as well a dedicated section with gift ideas. Additionally, orders can be placed from abroad, a greeting card can be added for free and you can pay with invoice. This shop offers a great price/quality ratio.

Electronics: Interdiscount.ch

Interdiscount.ch was established in 1970 and it has the densest presence in the home electronics market in Switzerland with around 200 branches. As the name suggests, interdiscount is well known for its competitive prices. The shop offers next-day delivery if the order is placed before 20 o’clock. And if next day delivery is not possible, the website indicates on which date the product will be delivered. This is ideal if you want to send a gift directly to somebody for a special occasion like a birthday. It offers gift cards as well as free delivery for orders above sFr. 50.-. Unfortunately none of our preferred shops in the electronic category offers gift wrapping.

Flowers: Fleurop.ch

Fleurop AG was founded in 1908 is the world’s leading flower brokerage service, with shareholders being exclusively partner florists who run a flower shop and offer the Fleurop service. This is the only flower shop in our preferred list that offers same day delivery. Perfect for people being a bit late with their happy birthday wishes! The shop offers the possibility to order from abroad and it offers gift cards and greeting cards as well as payment with invoice.

House and Hobby: Pfister.ch

Möbel Pfister AG was founded in 1882. Today the company has 18 branches in all parts of Switzerland and, with 40,000 products that can be purchased online, it’s one of the largest online providers in the Swiss furniture market. Their online shop is the online one in our preferred list in this category that where customers can select the desired delivery date. This feature is very important if you wish to send a gift for a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary. Additionally, the shop offers the possibility to buy a gift card, click-and-collect, money back guarantee and a free delivery for orders above sFr. 100.

Jewelry: Schmuck.ch

Schmuck.ch is runned by Rhomberg, a jewelry founded in 1984 with 27 branches in Switzerland. The shop has a nice section of gift ideas on its website. It offers the possibility to send a gift in wrapping paper and label gifts with a personal message. You can add a greeting card and the delivery is for free.

Make-Up/Beauty: Thebodyshop.ch

Thebodyshop.ch is a British cosmetics, skin care and perfume company founded in 1976. The company currently has a range of 1,000 products sold in about 3,000 stores in 65 countries. It was the first Swiss company that got a CO2-neutral certification. The online shop offers a wide range of gift ideas on its website. The order is sent by Postpack Priority which takes usually 1-2 days delivery time or you can click-and-collect. It is possible to add a greeting card for free, order a gift card or for orders above sFr. 80 there are no delivery costs. You can pay with invoice.

Online Mall: Brack.ch

Brack.ch is an online mall founded in 1994 by Roland Brack. Today the shop offers over 200,000 products from 4,700 brands in 6 categories and it counts with over 800 employees. Mr. Brack is also prominently known from the TV-Show “Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz”. The shop offers a wide range of customer friendly services such as gift wrapping, gif cards, choose delivery date, free delivery and payment by installments or with invoice.

Perfume: Impo.ch

Impo.ch is run by Import Parfumerie, a leading Swiss provider for prestige perfumes and cosmetics founded in 1976. The shop has 110 branches in Switzerland and sells branded products at attractive prices with free delivery. The shop offers a variety of convenient shop services such as the possibility to order from abroad, click-and-collect and payment with invoice or twint.

Pets: Qualitpet

Qualipet.ch is a 1991 founded Swiss family company and the largest specialized supplier of pet supplies such as cat food, dog food and other pet accessories in Switzerland. With over 30,000 products and under Association of Swiss Pet Shops this shops delivers a wide range of high quality and certified products. The shop offers gift cards, the possibility to order from abroad, free delivery for orders above sFr. 100 and money back guarantee.

Sports: Intersport.ch

Intersport.ch is the largest association of sports retailers in Switzerland with over 200 branches in Switzerland. The shop offers free delivery for orders above sFr. 50 and free return which is not very common, money back guarantee and you can pay with invoice.

Theme and Waterparks: Swissholidaypark.ch

Swissholidaypark.ch is situated above the lake of Lucerne in Morschach, on a high plateau with a fantastic view of Lake Lucerne and the Uri Alps. It’s the largest holiday and leisure resort in Switzerland. The Swiss Holiday Park is a unique holiday world: 4 accommodation categories, an adventure farm with a riding school for children and exciting indoor and outdoor activities such as bowling, climbing, go-karting, mini golf, flying fox and much more. All generations feel at home here. Four restaurants offer everything your culinary heart desires, from Swiss, international and Italian cuisine to snacks. Child care and baby care are offered daily and with age-appropriate weekly programmes. The online shop offers the possibility to buy a gift card and order from abroad. The tickets are sent by email or by post.

Kids: Meinspielzeug.ch

Meinspielzeug.ch is an online shop for toys with over 30,000 articles. The online shop has a search filter to look for gift ideas according to price range and theme. It has also very nice done catalogues and a list of recommended toys. Every article has an age recommendation and number of players. The shop offers free delivery (in fact, this is the only kids shop in our preferred list that offers free delivery without any minimum order amounts), payment with invoice and money back guarantee. Unfortunately it doesn’t offer gift wrapping but almost none of our preferred kids shop offer this service with exception of one shop but also not for all products.

Watches: Uhrenschmuck24.ch

Uhrenschmuck24.ch is run by Christian Goldschmiede, a 1984 founded jewelry store and one of the oldest Zurich retail chains in the watch and jewelry industry. The shop has 2 branches in Zurich and over 10,000 models to offer. The website offers a clear overview of the different watch categories. And for people short of time there is an excellent search tool to find the perfect watch. The tool guides you through styles, price, brand and more parameters. This can be very helpful if your are looking to make a gift. The online shop offers free delivery, gift wrap, gift cards, payment by installments with 0% financing costs and money back guarantee.

Wine: Moevenpick-wein.ch

Moevenpick-wein.ch Mövenpick Wein is one of the leading importers and suppliers of quality wines in Switzerland and Germany. The first Mövenpick wine cellar was opened in Zurich in the 1950s. Mövenpick Wein now has a growing network of 35 wine cellars in Germany and Switzerland. The comprehensive range of quality wines now amounts to 1,200 different wines from almost all countries in the world. Mövenpick is well known for its high quality products, not only in wine but also in their other business segments ice creams, hotels and restaurants. The company’s success has much to do with their company motto: “we do ordinary things in an extraordinary way”. The online shop is very well structured and it has an outstanding segment for gifts that includes gift cards, gift sets and boxes, accessories and gadgets. The gift sets include a beautiful wooden box with 2-3 set of wines from various country of origin. The shop offers the possibility to order from abroad, add a gift wrap and a free greeting card as well as free delivery for orders above sFr. 300 and a click-and-collect.