Best Gift Ideas for Women in 2022 (Switzerland)
Best Gift Ideas for Women in 2022 (Switzerland) Feb 26, 2021

Did you know that the majority of the Swiss population between the ages of 16 and 74 has made at least one online purchase in the past three months? This puts Switzerland in second place behind the United Kingdom. The southern European countries like Portugal and Italy are far behind.

Due to the current situation, online shopping became a part of everyday life in Switzerland. Buying behavior has changed in the past few months. During the lockdown, when most of the shops are closed, online shopping is still rising and so it will in 2022 too. E-commerce offers a lot of benefits such as a huge selection of products, everything can be done from home, it is time-saving and comfortable. 

Do you want to show how much you appreciate your woman? We have researched for you the best gift ideas below sFr. 100.- that every woman will like. 

1. Shoes

Oh yes, shoes can make every woman happy. Sometimes it might be hard to pick the right one, but if you know your woman’s taste, you win. You can never go wrong with elegant and stylish high heels.
If she likes something more sporty, sneakers are a perfect choice. Shoes can be sometimes an expensive gift, but we have chosen two affordable models. ALDO black high heels match every outfit and are perfect for all occasions. Price: sFr. 80.

Popular and trendy Veja sneakers are simple but unique, could be worn with jeans but also with a dress. Price: sFr. 95.00.

You can get both on Zalando, the most popular online shop in Switzerland that offers gift cards, free delivery, money-back guarantee, and free return. Zalando has a wide selection for women, men, and kids in every category from shoes, clothes through accessories to beauty products.

2. Jewelry

If you give jewelry, your woman must mean something special to you. Pay attention to the taste of the recipient. Does the lady prefer to wear silver, gold, or rose jewelry? Colorful stones rose gold, and multicolored creations are very trendy this year such as statement earrings we picked for you. Price: sFr. 62.50.

But you can never go wrong with a Swarovski ring. We are sure that the woman will be very flattered. Price: sFr. 69.10.

Both products you can get on Online shop with wide jewelry selection offers free delivery and money-back guarantee.

3.Coffee or Tea

If your woman doesn’t like coffee then she might be probably a tea drinker. With Krups Nespresso machine Essenza Mini coffee will be ready to enjoy in just a few moments. Due to the compactness of the coffee machine, cleaning takes almost no time. Price: sFr. 78.70.

Stainless steel kettle from brand Proficook has a very nice design and comes in very handy. Price: sFr. 90.

All the products you can buy on Digitec Galaxus. This is one of the biggest online retailers in Switzerland with more than one million products on consumer electronics. And in any price range. They offer gift cards, free delivery, pick-up service, and money-back guarantee.

4. Flower with prosecco

Here comes a special gift. A 20 cl bottle of exclusive Prosecco Albino Armani DOC Extra Dry is integrated into this sweet floral greeting. Surprise your lady with a nice romantic candle dinner and a bottle of prosecco. Exclusivity is something that most women appreciate. knows what women like, nice decoration with a nice spectacle! For more personalization, you can add a greeting card. And the shop delivers on the same day if you order till 3 pm. Price: sFr. 85.50.

5. Perfume Set

With the Black Gift Set, Tonino Lamborghini presents three opulent luxury fragrance products: an eau de parfum as well as a body lotion, and a shower gel from the same collection. The extraordinary fragrance has fruity-citrus notes of lemon, raspberry, and orange, which merge with floral aromas of jasmine, lily, and spicy nutmeg. So it creates a unique fragrance experience. Price: sFr. 86.90. is Europe’s leading beauty platform, that inspires people to experience individual beauty. Treat your woman like a lady! They offer gift wrapping, international delivery or free delivery for orders above sFr. 120 in Switzerland.

6. Scented candle

This scented candle made it also into the top 10. Linari-SCURO candle provides sensual warm and spicy notes with Mediterranean-fruity accents of mandarin and creates a precious and stylish aroma in the room that is always subtle and light. Price: sFr. 52.90. has a wide selection, from inexpensive make-up to more exclusive beauty products, there is definitely a lot more to choose from. It offers free delivery for orders above sFr. 70.

7.The Diary

Almost every woman likes diaries. She will love this special Diary for 7 years because it only requires a couple of minutes per day. It provides more gratitude and self-love, but above it all, more calmness and mindfulness. The owners of this diary will live more consciously which will make everyday life more positive in those hectic times. Price: sFr. 56.90.

It’s available in It’s a popular bookselling company and also the largest Swiss online provider in this industry. The company is known for its high customer service and wide selection. The shop offers free delivery for orders above sFR. 30 as well as Pick up service


Women like to be cozy and warm. This cuddly blanket measures 140×160 cm, so her arms and feet will be warm at all times, no matter how many times she moves. Perfect for a romantic movie night. Price: sFr. 62.10

On you can get more inspiration and discover the large selection of furniture, accessories for interior design, and gardens for your home ideas. They offer free delivery for orders above sFR. 5’000, money-back guarantee, and a lot of payment methods such as Visa, Post Finance Card, PayPal, Mastercard, or WIR.


If you really want to spoil your woman, you know what to do. Full body massage is something she will never forget. Massages are the oldest health treatment. Through direct contact with the skin, many physical blockages or congestion can be recognized and specifically treated. Perfect for self-care and relaxing. Especially in times like these, it’s a nice way how to get away for a moment.  Price: sFr. 92. is the largest holiday and leisure resort in Switzerland, where everyone can enjoy the stay. It offers Wellness & Spa, adventure pool, outdoor go-kart track, Swiss Gym fitness center,  holiday apartments, and restaurant. Definitely worth trying! The company offers gift cards and different payment methods


Watches add elegance and harmony to the whole outfit, and that’s why women love them. The trend color of this year is rose gold. Watches with black dials are also very popular and make every watch an eye-catcher. We have chosen SWATCH Analog watch . A strong, daring, and beautiful watch will beautify your woman’s wrist. Price: sFr. 80.

Available in Manor is represented in all parts of the country, offers free delivery for orders above sFr. 100, pick-up service, money-back guarantee, and wide product selection. They have great customer service, pleasant employees, and shops all over Switzerland.

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