Best Gift Shops in the USA in 2022
Best Gift Shops in the USA in 2022 Feb 26, 2022

Wrapping up what has been a rough and unexpected 2021, this next holiday season is sure to hit differently. The pandemic has changed our approach to multiple things, if not changed our entire lives completely. From missing out on celebrating your child’s first birthday or your dad’s 100th, the gifting spirit in the air of 2022 is stronger than ever!

Celebrations are different now, but online shopping continues.

As per Digital Commerce 360, it was estimated that US Online merchants experienced an incredible 44% of e-commerce growth in 2020. With the rate of growth almost tripling since 2019, online shopping for your gifting solutions is the new normal.

A NYT article comments on the state of gifting in the US and claims that come holiday season, shoppers do not plan on glitzy glamorous celebrations. According to a survey by Accenture, the focus is now shifting to smaller, more intimate gatherings.

But celebrations and special occasions, whether small or large, call for gifts and with at your fingertips, you needn’t worry about a thing. Our independent search tool brings you an enormous collection of online stores that cater to 18 categories of gifts ranging from perfumes, to wines, cigars, even pets, and everything in between, so you’re spoilt for choice. Now you can choose that perfect gift for any special occasion right from the comfort of your home. What’s more you have everything you need whenever you need it and most importantly, wherever you need it.

Every year we choose the best online gift shops for you.

To make life easier, and to meet you halfway, we’ve also sifted through the colossal number of gift shops on our site, gone through their terms and conditions, return policies, made a test purchase with a fine tooth comb so to speak and present to you a curated selection of the number 1  online gift shop in the US in every category.

We’ve determined our ranking on the basis of the services that the shop offers from gift wrapping, adding a card, option to select a delivery date, add a personalized message, deliver without showing the purchase price, etc. In short, all those little things that make every gift absolutely perfect. We’re here to transform your gift shopping experience.

So, hop on, buckle your seat belts and let’s get started on an exhilarating journey. We’re here to get you started. 

Books: is an established independent bookstore first set up in Portland, Oregon in 1971. With their mission to be the world’s best destination for readers across the world, you can be sure to find the largest collection of books from used to new, paperback to hardcover, classic to modern and more.

Their online shop offers gift wrap services along with gift cards and free delivery for orders above USD 30. With all major payment gateways made available, they also have a money back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the after sales service. So if your loved one loves everything about books, Powell’s where you should be.

Chocolates: is the brainchild of Chocolatier, Annie Rupani, a law student turned entrepreneur who drew on her inspiration from her travels around the world. The high quality dark chocolate at Cacao and Cardamom is crafted using nothing but the finest French couverture known to man. Aside from a variety of assorted gift hampers of chocolate that are readily available, their orders are highly customizable. Their corporate client service department can help organise a special something for your corporate occasions too. Use their order from abroad feature, set a delivery day, opt for their express delivery


Started by a World War 2 veteran way back in 1950, is one of the oldest Cigar distributors in the United States. With over 600 different brands and around 10 million cigars in stock it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you’ll be more than spoiled for choice when shopping for a cigar aficionado. The company offers international and express delivery via UPS and USPS with the option of gift wrapping readily available too. They’re sure to have something for every brother or sister of the leaf.

Clothing/Fashion: is USA’s top choice when it comes to fashion. With a variety of options to suit your budget, this online store offers gift cards, free greeting cards and gift wrapping options on all of their orders. With free shipping on all orders above USD 100, you can order something for all your loved ones and save yourself some money too!

Electronics: is an online store that offers the best deals on electronics. Right from computers, TVs and pulse oximeters to surveillance gear and electric scooters, they have it all! They accept orders from abroad and provide international delivery too. With conditional free delivery and express delivery options via FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL, your order is in your loved one’s hands before you know it!


It is said that flowers say it better than any other gift. So, when you are lost and unsure about the perfect gift, can be your go-to for all your floral needs for every occasion. Experts in the field of flower arrangement and garden plantations too, this website offers the option to customize your order and create messages of splendor. Set your preferred delivery date and time and sit back and watch the magic happen.

Gift baskets: has over ten years of experience in connecting you to your loved ones and colleagues– no matter the location. With options to customize personal gifts and brand logos on products for corporate gifting, there’s a lot you can choose from. The shop also offers a same day delivery option. What’s more, you can gift wrap and add a lovely greeting card to your parcel too.

House and hobby: has got you covered if you’re someone who just can’t decide what to give your best friend at her housewarming or bridal shower party. With customizable gifts to suit the requirements of the recipient, throw in a free greeting card too and you’re ready for the party. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, the money back guarantee option is available to take care of your grievances.

Jewelry: specialises in high end watches and jewelry that demonstrates their exceptional craftsmanship and passion for luxurious refinement with an artful blend of sophistication. The website has a nice selection of gift ideas for him and her. With customizable options available, you can now order your mom that set of earrings she’s always wanted and send her a free greeting card to go with it too. They offer free delivery and pickup service with free returns too, if at all you end up having second thoughts.


Online mall: has been America’s trusted gifting hook-up since 1994. Order from anywhere around the world and have your gifts sent to your loved ones on a set delivery day of your choosing. They don’t show product prices; they give you the best possible deal at the most subsidized prices. Overwhelmed by your choices? You have the option of sending your loved one a gift card and a free greeting card instead.
With a no-questions asked return policy and full refund, you have nothing to lose with the world’s largest e-retailer.


From low end drugstore fragrances to high end luxury perfumes, takes care of it all. When in doubt about what fragrance you should give your special someone, check out their website for the latest collection of gift sets for men and women. With some of the best brands of the world all in one place, you have options to suit every budget. Order from abroad and receive international delivery or free delivery for orders over USD 30. Their corporate client service will make sure that all your orders are gift wrapped and have a free greeting card attached.

Pets: is one of the most trusted and convenient online destinations for pet parents and a total pet experience. They have everything you need for your pet at amazing prices, every day. Don’t know what kind of dry or wet food your neighbor’s cat prefers? Send her a gift card instead. Is your pup having a flea problem? Check out the products in the pharmacy section of their site. This online store also offers free delivery for all orders above USD 50.

Sports: started in 1983 as a commitment of a dad, dedicated to providing a healthy and nurturing home to his kids. This store is a sports junkie’s paradise. With gift cards and free delivery made available, you can order your gear from the comfort of your home and never have to visit a sports store ever again. Their money back guarantee option ensures that you get exactly what you ask for

Theme and Water parks: has been rated the Nation’s Best Outdoor Waterpark by USA Today. The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards has made this the first water park in the world designated as a Certified Autism Center. With delivery of your tickets over email, you can skip the hassle of long lines. Go cashless and pay using Visa or Mastercard and gift a loved one an exciting and memorable experience.

Kids: was started off by brothers Andy and Jon Levy as a single ‘Mastermind: The Educational Computer’ store in Toronto in 1984. Since then, Mastermind Toys” has grown into the nation’s biggest specialty toy and children’s book retailer. They offer free delivery for orders above USD 40 via UPS and pickup services too. Have your gift to your nephew wrapped and ready to go with Mastermind Toy’s gift wrap option. 

Watches: has been offering its customers the most authentic watches since 2006. Little wonder that the brand has built itself a loyal clientele from around the world. With a wide range of watches at the lowest prices with unbeatable customer service, this is sure to be your best bet. They accept orders from abroad and provide free delivery via DHL and Colissimo. Don’t forget to check out their gift wrap option too.  

Wine: aims to revolutionize the way people discover, buy and enjoy wine. They have the world’s largest selection of spirits, paired with expert guidance and unmatched convenience. Their corporate clients department service is sure to take care of all your business gifting needs. The shop offers a selection of various gift ideas and giftbaskets to help you make a good impression. Select the gift wrap option, add the free greeting card to your cart, set your delivery day and pay using their payment gateways. You can avail of free delivery for orders above USD 80 as well.

This gifting season, take the hassle out of shopping and let lend you a hand. With you are sure to experience comfort and convenience like never before!

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