Best Gift Shops in Switzerland in 2022
Best Gift Shops in Switzerland in 2022 Feb 04, 2021

Every year we select the best online gift shops worldwide.

We have selected over 5,000 shops in 18 categories in almost 50 countries. Our selection process consists of minimum requirements that the shops must meet in order to qualify. The main requirements are to appear under the top search results in Google in the respective country and category. The shop must have a local presence and have a working online shop that offers delivery service. Finally it is important that the shop has an email address (a part from a contact form if existing) so that customers can track their requests/claims.

Since it’s impossible for our team to capture every single good shop on earth we are always open for new applications. That means that a shop that was not originally selected by our team, can apply to appear on our selection if the shop fulfills all requirements listed above by purchasing a Premium or a Golden membership for a reasonable price (click here for more details). Since wants to include a large variety of shop sizes (from multinational companies to new small boutiques) we make an exception on the first requirement mentioned above (appear on top search results in google) for new shops and boutiques if our team considers that the shop meets the rest of the requirements. This way we make sure that we include all type of shops sizes and we give a chance to newcomers to offer their services and promote their new brand.

Online Shops have gained much more relevance since COVID-19. According to a research published in Nasdaq, by 2040 95% of all purchases will be made online. The number of online shops is increasing at a high paste, that’s why has made it to it’s main mission, to select the best online shops in order to make the search for gifts easier. This is exactly what we did this year again. We have read through the terms and conditions and return policies and we have made test purchases in thousands of online shops to select the “creme de la creme” for our users. Our objective is to make you save time when searching for a gift.

And the Award goes to….

In addition to our regular selection process we went a step further for this selection since we wanted to choose the Nr. 1 shop in every of the 18 categories that we manage. In this list we have focused on the services offered by the shops. The more convenience the shop offers the better rankings it will have. We prefer shops that have a dedicated section with gift ideas and convenient services to make a perfect gift like gift wrapping services, greeting cards or the possibility to set a delivery day (which is less common in Switzerland unfortunately).

So put your belt on, here goes our selection of the best online gift shops in Switzerland in 2022 per category.

Books: is run by the Lüthy Group which was founded in 1838 making it one of the oldest bookstores in Switzerland. Today it’s the largest family-run book retailing company in Switzerland.  Customers can order a gift card or send a gift in wrapping paper, with a free greeting card and free delivery. The shop accepts orders from abroad and offers invoice payment. There is also a dedicated department for corporate clients.

Chocolates: is the oldest chocolate brand of Switzerland. It was founded in the early 1800 and it belongs since 1929 to Nestle Group. The company has a chocolate factory, a chocolate museum and it offers online workshops on how to prepare your own chocolate creations. The online shop offers the possibility to individualize chocolate boxes by uploading a personal picture and writing a personal message. Delivery is for free for orders above sFr. 40.-. There is a department for corporate clients as well.

Cigars: sells cigars and accessories online since 2009. In addition to quality controls from their suppliers, the shop also carries out their own quality controls. The cigars are stored at 70% relative humidity.  Their website offers a nice section with gift ideas for all budgets. For orders above sFr. 160.- the delivery is for free and you can pay with invoice or twint as well.

Clothing/Fashion: was founded in 1902 and has 59 Manor department stores, 29 Manor Food supermarkets and 27 Manora restaurants. Their online shop is the only one among our preferred ones in the category clothing/fashion that offers gift wapping. The online shop offers as well a dedicated section with gift ideas. Additionally, orders can be placed from abroad, a greeting card can be added for free and you can pay with invoice. This shop offers a great price/quality ratio.

Electronics: was established in 1970 and it has the densest presence in the home electronics market in Switzerland with around 200 branches. As the name suggests, interdiscount is well known for its competitive prices. The shop offers next-day delivery if the order is placed before 20 o’clock. And if next day delivery is not possible, the website indicates on which date the product will be delivered. This is ideal if you want to send a gift directly to somebody for a special occasion like a birthday. It offers gift cards as well as free delivery for orders above sFr. 50.-. Unfortunately none of our preferred shops in the electronic category offers gift wrapping.


Fleurop AG was founded in 1908 is the world’s leading flower brokerage service, with shareholders being exclusively partner florists who run a flower shop and offer the Fleurop service. This is the only flower shop in our preferred list that offers same day delivery. Perfect for people being a bit late with their happy birthday wishes! The shop offers the possibility to order from abroad and it offers gift cards and greeting cards as well as payment with invoice.

House and Hobby:

Möbel Pfister AG was founded in 1882. Today the company has 18 branches in all parts of Switzerland and, with 40,000 products that can be purchased online, it’s one of the largest online providers in the Swiss furniture market. Their online shop is the online one in our preferred list in this category that where customers can select the desired delivery date. This feature is very important if you wish to send a gift for a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary. Additionally, the shop offers the possibility to buy a gift card, click-and-collect, money back guarantee and a free delivery for orders above sFr. 100.

Jewelry: is runned by Rhomberg, a jewelry founded in 1984 with 27 branches in Switzerland. The shop has a nice section of gift ideas on its website. It offers the possibility to send a gift in wrapping paper and label gifts with a personal message. You can add a greeting card and the delivery is for free.

Make-Up/Beauty: is a British cosmetics, skin care and perfume company founded in 1976. The company currently has a range of 1,000 products sold in about 3,000 stores in 65 countries. It was the first Swiss company that got a CO2-neutral certification. The online shop offers a wide range of gift ideas on its website. The order is sent by Postpack Priority which takes usually 1-2 days delivery time or you can click-and-collect. It is possible to add a greeting card for free, order a gift card or for orders above sFr. 80 there are no delivery costs. You can pay with invoice.

Online Mall: is an online mall founded in 1994 by Roland Brack. Today the shop offers over 200,000 products from 4,700 brands in 6 categories and it counts with over 800 employees. Mr. Brack is also prominently known from the TV-Show “Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz”. The shop offers a wide range of customer friendly services such as gift wrapping, gif cards, choose delivery date, free delivery and payment by installments or with invoice.

Perfume: is run by Import Parfumerie, a leading Swiss provider for prestige perfumes and cosmetics founded in 1976. The shop has 110 branches in Switzerland and sells branded products at attractive prices with free delivery. The shop offers a variety of convenient shop services such as the possibility to order from abroad, click-and-collect and payment with invoice or twint.

Pets: Qualitpet is a 1991 founded Swiss family company and the largest specialized supplier of pet supplies such as cat food, dog food and other pet accessories in Switzerland. With over 30,000 products and under Association of Swiss Pet Shops this shops delivers a wide range of high quality and certified products. The shop offers gift cards, the possibility to order from abroad, free delivery for orders above sFr. 100 and money back guarantee.

Sports: is the largest association of sports retailers in Switzerland with over 200 branches in Switzerland. The shop offers free delivery for orders above sFr. 50 and free return which is not very common, money back guarantee and you can pay with invoice.

Theme and Waterparks: is situated above the lake of Lucerne in Morschach, on a high plateau with a fantastic view of Lake Lucerne and the Uri Alps. It’s the largest holiday and leisure resort in Switzerland. The Swiss Holiday Park is a unique holiday world: 4 accommodation categories, an adventure farm with a riding school for children and exciting indoor and outdoor activities such as bowling, climbing, go-karting, mini golf, flying fox and much more. All generations feel at home here. Four restaurants offer everything your culinary heart desires, from Swiss, international and Italian cuisine to snacks. Child care and baby care are offered daily and with age-appropriate weekly programmes. The online shop offers the possibility to buy a gift card and order from abroad. The tickets are sent by email or by post.

Kids: is an online shop for toys with over 30,000 articles. The online shop has a search filter to look for gift ideas according to price range and theme. It has also very nice done catalogues and a list of recommended toys. Every article has an age recommendation and number of players. The shop offers free delivery (in fact, this is the only kids shop in our preferred list that offers free delivery without any minimum order amounts), payment with invoice and money back guarantee. Unfortunately it doesn’t offer gift wrapping but almost none of our preferred kids shop offer this service with exception of one shop but also not for all products.

Watches: is run by Christian Goldschmiede, a 1984 founded jewelry store and one of the oldest Zurich retail chains in the watch and jewelry industry. The shop has 2 branches in Zurich and over 10,000 models to offer. The website offers a clear overview of the different watch categories. And for people short of time there is an excellent search tool to find the perfect watch. The tool guides you through styles, price, brand and more parameters. This can be very helpful if your are looking to make a gift. The online shop offers free delivery, gift wrap, gift cards, payment by installments with 0% financing costs and money back guarantee.

Wine: Mövenpick Wein is one of the leading importers and suppliers of quality wines in Switzerland and Germany. The first Mövenpick wine cellar was opened in Zurich in the 1950s. Mövenpick Wein now has a growing network of 35 wine cellars in Germany and Switzerland. The comprehensive range of quality wines now amounts to 1,200 different wines from almost all countries in the world. Mövenpick is well known for its high quality products, not only in wine but also in their other business segments ice creams, hotels and restaurants. The company’s success has much to do with their company motto: “we do ordinary things in an extraordinary way”. The online shop is very well structured and it has an outstanding segment for gifts that includes gift cards, gift sets and boxes, accessories and gadgets. The gift sets include a beautiful wooden box with 2-3 set of wines from various country of origin. The shop offers the possibility to order from abroad, add a gift wrap and a free greeting card as well as free delivery for orders above sFr. 300 and a click-and-collect.

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