Best Gift Shops in UK in 2022
Best Gift Shops in UK in 2022 Mar 04, 2021

Online shopping is arguable one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. One click of a button and the whole world is at your fingertips; from clothes to books, flowers to furniture, you can buy almost anything you could ever want via the Internet today.

The UK has one of the most advanced e-commerce markets within Europe. All e-commerce sales have thus far amounted to £693 billion, sharply rising since 2016. The retail sector is responsible for approximately 8% of all e-commerce sales and is forecast to grow exponentially due to the pandemic, which has pushed many business operations remotely. In 2020, 87% of UK households, therefore the vast majority, have bought online within the last 12 months, constituting the highest online purchase penetration rate in the country in the past 11 years. Clothing and sports goods were especially popular purchases made online.

In 2020, gifts became an extremely popular online purchase, particularly those that can be personalised. Digital gift card sales have soared by almost 50% in the last 12 months, due to the convenience, ease and speed this choice offers. As online shopping for gifts is becoming the preferred method of procurement, it’s only right that we provide the best options that our out there, within the UK market.

Our selection process

In addition to our regular selection process we went a step further for this selection since we wanted to choose the Nr. 1 shop in every of the 18 categories that we manage in We have focused on the services offered by the shops. The more convenient services the shop offers the better rankings it will have. We prefer shops that have a dedicated section with gift ideas and convenient services to make a perfect gift like gift wrapping services, greeting cards or the possibility to set a delivery day.

Here is a roundup of the best online gift shops in the UK for 2022, organised per category.

Books: is owned by the ESB Group, which has online bookshops in many different countries, offering a wide range of cultural literature. They also offer courses for language learning. Customers can order set the delivery day and use multiple payment methods, including Paypal, Mastercard and even invoices. The shop accepts orders from abroad and offers international delivery.

Chocolates: started selling chocolates online, becoming one of the UK’s earliest e-commerce businesses.  in 1993 first opened its doors in London in 2004, expanding to over 103 stores today. Hotel Chocolat launched their own restaurant, Rabot 1745, in 2013 to bring am Anglo-Saint Lucian dining experience to London.  The online shop offers the possibility to add gift wrap and gift cards to create thoughtful presents. International delivery is available, as well as a pick-up service. Additionally, a department for corporate clients is available for those requiring professional gifting. The gift ideas section on the website is a fantastic tool to provide gifting inspiration, with the opportunity to filter your search by occasion, recipient and customers can even purchase chocolate experiences for a truly exciting treat.

Cigars: is one of the UK’s leading cigar specialists, offering a range of over 450 cigars, including Cuban Havana types. All Cuban cigars are aceuired through Habanos SA, controlling the cigars to assure the best quality. Simply Cigars are also a member of the Woodland Trust.  Their website offers free delivery for orders over £100, as well as a same day delivery option. Customers can order from abroad and choose to add a gift card at checkout. The Cigar Gifts tab provides excellent gifting ideas for a number of occasions, even highlighting to best-sellers in order to provide inspiration.

Clothing/Fashion: was founded in 2008 and operates in 17 different European countries. The online shop offers free delivery, but orders must be over £20. Additionally, customers can purchase a gift card. This shop offers a great many different payment methods and a great money back guarantee.

Electronics: was established in 1997 and is powered by leading systems from technology brands such as Intel, AMD, Nvidia and Asus. The shop offers free delivery as well as the possibility for international delivery. Additionally, customers can set the delivery date and time, or choose from a pick-up service. These options allow for great flexibility that will suit most people. Products are also customisable, allowing customers to add an individual touch to their purchases.

Flowers: was founded in 2011 and prides themselves on their high levels of consumer satisfaction. All orders are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. have also engaged in charity work, including Barnardo’s and Cancer Research UK. The online shop offers the possibility for customization, so you can send a perfect bunch to a loved one. Customers have the possibility to add a free greeting card and set a delivery date. Orders from abroad are permitted. Their site allows customers to filter products by occasion, recipient and even next-day bunches, so customers are spilt for choice when searching for a floral gift.

House and Hobby: was founded by Lars Larsen, Danish leading merchant, in 1979. Today the JYSK group has more than 2,800 stores across the world. Their website allows customers to order from abroad and accepts multiple card payment methods, including Visa and Mastercard. They offer a gift card, perfect to give to a loved one who’s looking to redecorate their home. JYSK also has a corporate clients department, suitable for those with office needs.

Jewellery: opened its first London store in 1949 and has grown to become one of Britain’s most reputable jewellers, with 180 stores nationwide. Firmly established as the UK’s leading watch and diamond specialist, Ernest Jones offers a variety of luxury products from some of the world’s most premium brands. The online shop offers the possibility to add gift wrap and a free greeting card to your order, giving customer’s the perfect opportunity to give a lovely gift. Orders from abroad are available, as well as international delivery. Delivery on orders above £100 is free, and Ernest Jones also offers free returns, as well as a money back guarantee if customers are not satisfied.

Make-Up/Beauty: is a British cosmetics company founded in 2007 by Jessica Moore and Alexia Inge. The founding principle is to offer beauty products that are worth the money and do not delivery empty promises. The gift section on the site is a great place to start. The online shop offers a wide range of beauty-based gift ideas on its website, with the possibility of adding gift wrap and a free greetings card to your order. Orders over £40 are free, and the website offers international delivery, as well as a pick-up service. Orders from abroad are possible, and returns are free.

Online Mall: is an online mall founded in 1854 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty. Most famously known for its bold floral fabrics and prints, Liberty London is one of the UK’s most prestigious, well-known luxury department stores.  The shop offers a wide range of customer friendly services such as gift wrapping, gift cards, free greetings cards, express delivery and a money back guarantee.

Perfume: is the UK’s largest specialist fragrance retailer with 255 stores across the UK & Ireland, founded in 1992. The shop has over 15,000 branches worldwide and sells luxury branded perfume at low prices with free delivery on order above £30. Orders are customisable, and customers have the opportunity to add gift wrap, to create a lovely present. The shop offers a variety of convenient shop services such as the possibility to order from abroad, international delivery and set delivery day. The gift section on the site allows customers to choose gift sets, that are pre-made and ready to be given – perfect for an easy but thoughtful gift.

Pets: was founded in 2006 by Luke Cousins, son of a well-known, successful vet and veterinary nurse. Since then, the company has grown to employ over 60 staff members and was acquired by Ontario-based company Pethealth Inc in 2015.  VioVet offers a variety of pet and horse supplies, including prescription and non-prescription medications, food, toys and equipment. Viovet stocks many of the leading market brands, as well as own-branded products and supplements. Customers can set delivery date and time, and international delivery is also available.Additionally, the shop offers the possibility to order from abroadfree delivery for orders above £30 and a money back guarantee.

Sports: was established in 1991 and founded by runners and fitness enthusiasts and has since become one of the largest fitness retailers in the UK. The shop allows customers to order from abroad and international delivery is available. Customers can purchase a gift card and a great money back guarantee is included for all products, ensuring the highest quality and satisfaction.

Theme and Waterparks:  is a family theme park situated in the village of Hurn, near Bournemouth, United Kingdom. The park offers rides and attractions aimed at families with children up to the age of 12. Adventure Wonderland offers group bookings and birthday party, so that children can have an unforgettable celebration! The online shop offers the possibility to order from abroad, with a range of payment methods available, including Switch and Delta. The tickets are sent by email.

Kids: is an established mail order company, founded in 1996, specialising in traditional and innovative toys, gifts and games for children up to the age of about 12. Mulberry Bush has toys to suit all young children and all pockets, with prices ranging from a couple of pounds to over £100. Our products are perfect for Christmas presents but are also the ideal gift for Birthdays and Christenings. The shop offers free delivery for orders over £80orders from abroad, international delivery and money back guarantee. The shop also offers gift wrap and a free greetings card, as well as offering the option to customize products.

Watches: launched in November 2005 with the aim of selling branded watches at amazing prices. They have a policy of holding all items for sale in stock, which means means they can offer the highest customer service in comparison to their competitors. The Watch Hut are authorised UK stockists for leading brands including brands such as Tissot, Casio, U-Boat, Seiko, TAG Heuer and many more. The online shop offers free delivery for orders above £60gift wrapfree greetings cardsorders from abroad, free returns and money back guarantee. There is also a corporate clients department, which may be useful for professional instances.

Wine: was founded in 2016 with the aim to import wines that customers couldn’t buy in the UK from small producers that the founder, Richard, had discovered on his travels. Wanderlust Wine source from Organic and Biodynamic certified vineyards and ensure the use of ecosystems to protect the vines, such as attracting beneficial insects to protect against the harmful ones. The online shop is professional yet authentic, offering gift wrap and a free greetings card to orders, to create the perfect gift for a wine-lover. Same day delivery is available, and delivery is free on orders over £100. There is also a corporate clients department, which is perfect for office events or gifts.

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