Shop Services

Shop Services

In this section we have described more in detail some of the most common shop services to make sure you understand what is meant by the different services.

The main shop services we have identified across all online shops are (in alphabetical order):

  • After Sales Service
  • Client segment
  • Delivery
  • Order
  • Payment method and
  • Product

Please note that all selected shops on offer delivery service.

After Sales service

Free return: Only a few shops offer free return of items, meaning that the client doesn’t need to pay for returning the item to the shop.

Money back guarantee: This means that if you return the product you ordered, you will get a refund of your money. Shops usually refund buyers to their original payment method (credit card, paypal, etc).

Many shops however, issue a voucher and don’t refund money back. This is not money back guarantee as per our definition.

Return of an item is possible if the customer is not happy with the delivered item or ordered it by mistake. Except from this guarantee are most of the times goods which have been manufactured or altered according to customer specifications (products that have been labeled), as well as for bulk goods and items which are subject to wear and tear (e.g. strings, sticks, drumheads, cables, plectrums and reeds) and items which cannot be returned for hygiene reasons as well as fresh and food products (like flowers, food and chocolates) and digital products that have been downloaded are most of the times excluded from right to return. Media packaged in transparent film or sealed media such as CDs, audio cassettes, videos, DVDs, as well as newspapers and software can usually be returned only if the respective goods are returned in the original sealed packaging or with the seal intact. In some shops only defect products can be returned and refunded. Please read the return policy and general terms and conditions of the shop if you are not sure about the conditions. Money back guarantee doesn’t include return and shipment costs in most cases.

Client segment

Corporate clients department: When a shop has a dedicated department or person to handle orders from corporate clients. This department offers services such as management of large orders, bespoke and individualized gifts or more comprehensive gift selections.


International delivery: A shop that can deliver gifts outside from its country

Add a free greeting note: The shop will deliver the gift with a greeting note for free

Free delivery: The customer doesn’t pay for the delivery of the gift, irrespective from the amount of the order

Free delivery for orders above a certain amount: Some shops offer free delivery only for orders of a certain minimum amount. We have filtered shop by shop all minimum order amounts necessary for free delivery. Across all shops there can be a lot of minimum order amounts. In order to avoid having a large list of “minimums” under “Delivery” we round up in most cases the minimums. So if a shop has a minimum order of USD 59 or USD 55 to trigger a free delivery, we round up and use USD 60 in our list.

Set delivery day/time/week: The customer can set a specific delivery day, week or time when the gift shall be delivered.

Pick up service: the recipient of the gift/item can pick up the order at the shop.

Email: Usually theme and amusement parks send the park tickets by email.

Anonymous: Send a gift without the information of the sender.


Order from abroad: A customer can order an item from abroad and use his foreign address as billing address. Not all shops allow this.

Payment Method

Payment by installments: Some shops offer payment by parts, meaning the ordering person doesn’t need to pay the entire amount at once.


Can be labeled: Print a message or a word on the gift

Customizable: A gift can be individualized with additional gifts (e.g. flowers with a bottle of wine)

Anonymous: Some shops offer the possibility to hide the name of the ordering person for surprise purposes.

Add a greeting card (chargeable): A professional greeting card can be added to the gift (for a cost).

Add a grift wrap: Send your gift in a professional gift wrap

Upload your logo on product: The difference to the service “can be labeled” is that some shops allow to only upload a logo/picture on the gift without possibility of writing any message or words

Gift card: A gift card also known as “gift certificate” in North America, or “gift voucher” or “gift token” in the UK is a prepaid stored-value money card, usually issued by a retailer or bank, to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related businesses.