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Fit Body Factory is a new North American startup with primary operations in the USA and Canada, which focuses on providing massage therapy guns for our clients. We engineer, make and ship the guns with exclusive and thoroughly vetted partners, which gives us an edge over our competitors, and allows us to manufacture the best massage guns on the market.

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FBF Hammer Massage Therapy Gun

FBF Hammer massage therapy gun features industry-leading specifications in every category.
FBF Hammer Deep Tissue Percussion Therapy Gun Features

If you want one of the most powerful muscle recovery tools that also offers ultra-quiet use and variable speeds with a battery life of 6 hours on a charge, the FBF Hammer Deep Tissue Massage Gun is all that and more. The massage gun also comes equipped with a sleek 2,600 MaH battery giving even longer usage times, and more portability options. The FBF Hammer Gun is a high-quality machine with 15 speeds and a very powerful percussion vibration giving you up to 3,000 percussions per minute. While similar massagers feel like they are vibrating, the FBF Hammer massaging device feels like real percussion with its deep tissue pulsating action.
FBF Pulse Muscle Massage Gun

The FBF Pulse™ massage gun can deeply relieve muscle soreness through deep and powerful muscle compressions. Fit Body Factory's deep tissue massager gun helps with body restoration, promotes muscle repair, enhances blood flow, and relieves lactic acid. The FBF Pulse muscle massage gun is ideal for pre-workout warm-ups and post-workout cooldowns, as well as for muscle rehabilitation and physiotherapy efforts.
The Last of us FBF Ultra Massage Gun™ Price : $149.99
The FBF Ultra™ massage gun has a silent motor with multi-speed functionality (6 speeds) that can operate at up to 3.300 hits per minute with 65 lbs of force. The FBF Ultra muscle massager gun is perfect for casual use before and after workouts, as well as for muscle relief from aches and pains. The vibrating massager gun is guaranteed to ease up muscle tension and loosen muscle knots throughout your body, with different attachments included for different muscle groups.
The Last of us FBF Volt Massage Gun™ Price : $249.99
The FBF Volt™ massage gun has a silent motor with multi-speed functionality. The FBF Volt muscle massager gun comes with heated attachments, to offer further muscle relief, beyond what is available with the other Fit Body Factory massage guns, and elsewhere on the market. This heated attachment helps to release tension in the muscles, and expedite the process of muscle recovery. The gun operates at up to 3,600 hits per minute and provides 5 different speed settings.
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