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Alen Cooper remains one of the only brands to be built into an international designer label without an advertising campaign. As Alen Cooper chooses not to advertise, we must do everything we can to support the collections in a more consistent, different and fun manner. We hope you’ll agree our new ‘no ordinary designer website’ does this down to a tee. The ‘No Ordinary Designer Label’ Story Having launched as a Leather Jacket specialist of some repute in New Jersey, USA, Alen Cooper quickly became the one-stop destination to buy some of the very best contemporary men’s & women’s Leather, Fur & Shearling Outerwear.

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Leather Jacket with combination of Fur, is an upscale trending fashion statement. The enhanced designs add an extra style and dignity to your personality. It’s a possession that will not only make you look sophisticated but also will make you stand out in the crowd.

This Men’s Biker Jacket is made of Genuine Quality Leather is extremely luxurious and warm by nature. The attire has detachable Cuffs, Lapels, and a Hood crafted of Original Fox Fur, to protect you from strong winds. It has long guard hairs which is soft and supple in texture. The product looks authentic with the Chocolate Brown Hue. With Full Sleeves and broad fur Cuffs it has pipeline design including the upper and the lower portion of the Back. This waist length jacket has a silver chromed metal zipper at the right side as closure with. With two hand warming zipped side pockets the outfit has decorative metal buttons which enhances the jacket’s look. The Fox Fur Fleecy Hood and Cuffs are detachable, so you can style the winter wear with your mood and requirement.
Crystal fox fur has tremendous demand across the global fashion industry. The item is luxuriously soft and supple in texture apart from being very lightweight. Thus the fur is easy to carry and offers considerable warmth and comfort in harsh chilly climates where the temperature drops much below the freezing point. It also lasts years together with minimal care and maintenance.

A fascinating range of uniquely designed biker jackets in coffee color for men with pure Crystal fox fur collar is redefining fashion trends. The item range is simply gorgeous and you are bound to look stunning in it unlike ever before. The item range is designed with ample creative ideas and innovation. It radiates unparalleled style and elegance to belong to a totally separate class of its own. One of the most striking features of this plush product line is the collar which is made of pure plates of crystal fox and gives the jacket a uniquely sophisticated identity. The leather used belongs to the premium grade Italian-finish variety which makes the jacket extremely lightweight. Ideal for harsh chilly climates where the temperature drops much below the freezing point, the jacket is crafted completely by hands. The item range is one of the latest specimens of pure Italian craftsmanship.
A parka is traditionally the customary clothing item for hunting and kayaking in the extreme cold climatic conditions of the Arctic. Also called anorak, the outfit is often lined with fur to define both class and style.

An assortment of hybrid beige fur parka convertibles made from premium blue frost fox fur in attractive beige colour and meant for women is launched by Alen Cooper. It is exclusively designed to add to their grace and elegance. The beige fur parka frontline as well as the liner is detachable. You can slip on the inner parka vest as a completely independent and separate clothing item. The shell is 100% water-resistant made with high quality nylon. The product also doubles as a raincoat. You can slip the outfit on to beat downpours and damp, chilly wind. While placing your order you can custom choose the colour and the type of the fur in the inner vest while the fur on the trim of the frontline and the hood remains static. Innovatively designed with great precision, this product is one of the best options to announce your presence in a subtle yet unmistakable way. Alen Cooper has limited stocks of this durable product. Better place your order now!
Made from authentic pelts of shearling or lambskin, Alen Cooper’s Nappa finish black sSheepskin Shearling Jacket has more of a biker style and feel to it. The product range has a tremendous demand all over the world. It is soft and supple in texture. Apart from that, the chic winter wear offers sufficient warmth and insulation in extremely cold conditions. The item is lightweight and easy to carry.

The Sheepskin Shearling Jacket for women is designed with great innovation and creativity. Crafted by hands, the chich winter wear radiates unparalleled style and sophistication. It belongs to a totally separate class of its own. You can wear the coat as a proper dress with any bottoms. The competent designers manually performed the entire cutting and stitching of the product line.
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