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When Saladin reconquered Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187, returning Islamic law to the Holy City, the repercussions were felt throughout the known world, extending to the present day. Four years later, he returned to face the Third Crusade and the main European monarchs. But months later, Saladin died in Damascus, exhausted and practically destitute. However, during his lifetime he acquired an unparalleled reputation…

The Last of us war of 2 worlds Price : €11.69
A gigantic work, which narrates a journey that teaches us to see life with a single meaning: to live it.

"This book talks about that, life as a mission. And believe me, we all have one. There is no such thing as luck or bad luck. There is no adversity for some and colorful destiny for others. In fact, destiny is something forged by those who need justify some inertia and discouragement that does not retaliate."...
The Last of us Metaphysics Price : €23.31
According to Aristotle (384-322 BC), Metaphysics is the science that studies being while being. All other sciences have as their object a part of reality, dependent either on empirical activity or on sensory experience. Metaphysics, or First Philosophy, would be, on the contrary, the mother of all sciences, since from it would derive the very possibility of knowing. It studies not only substances, but the properties and relationships between them, as well as the categories under which we might classify them.
A fascinating book that forces us to rethink history

Brazil was discovered more than fifty years before the official date, as evidenced by Andrea Bianco's 1448 map;

Canada was named after the name of the property of the Algarve discoverer João Vaz Corte Real: the…
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