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Founded in London (2006), the award-winning Austin Macauley™ has become one of the fastest growing hybrid publishers in the UK, working hard to give authors the best chance of succeeding in an increasingly crowded market. Our success carried over to the United States of America and United Arab Emirates as new branches opened in both New York and Sharjah. Known for our creativity and efficiency, Austin Macauley has established an auspicious reputation and secured a firm footing in the local and international publishing industry.

The Last of us i believed in you Price : د.إ45.00
What is faith? How do we believe in religion and love together?

How do we pray, and the prayer of which of us is closer to God? Do things begin when we know the facts, or do they end?

These questions were the most difficult for him to overcome, his truth, faith, beliefs, and everything that was formed in him during his life without realizing how and why !

fell in love without plans; To begin with the struggle of a series of events trying to hide his truth, but she, that was all she was looking for, until she discovered that one difference could shake all principles, and make them a heavy and strange burden, to search for an answer to her last question, What do you believe?

One love and two faiths...between the beginning and the end are stories that must be told, and between postulates and choices there is a big difference... This is a story of blurry beginnings and clear end, exposing the drift of feelings for years, and their death in one moment, the moment of truth !
The Last of us Ahlam Ahmed Price : د.إ 20.00
The description
That salty drop that fell from your eye socket is very precious, with your right hand you wipe it, and with your left you push it into the abyss .

That inorganic constriction and pain will suffocate you one day; Do not imagine the end .

You must remove it with your hidden and apparent feelings; To transform aches into pleasures that illuminate the cells of the mind .

How happy they are who lit the lamps of their hearts to light the paths of their lovers .

That sincerity, loyalty, kindness, and honesty are nothing but repetitions of a healthy heartbeat .

It may fade, they may throw it in the absence of the wells of ingratitude, those beautiful feelings that their hearts imitated one day ..

Do not wait for them to return as they were, and do not tire yourself, renew your lungs with fresh air, smile at life, and make every night a dream, and make of the threads of the morning sun ropes that help you achieve those dreams .

And do not be surprised that someone loves you, he may see in you what you do not see in yourself, just trust that you deserve these feelings .

The Last of us Dream land Price : د.إ17.50
The description
While exploring dreamland, Shamma and her friend Dana meet a fairy named Ella, and show them her home. Ella wakes up the two girls and they all go to the park. As the storm began to fade, Shamma was astonished, and told Ella that she was indeed a real fair
The description
Distracted, broken, stuck between the corners of distance and lines, forgotten, abandoned, oppressed.

Dull.. dark.. stifled.. muffled.. scattered.. concerned.. happy but deprived..

Rich in human beings, poor in feelings.. alive is a laugh, and dead is a buried feeling..

Close but far, happy but gloomy, dead and promises revive me, leave but come back..

Cry but no tears, for the tears swear never to return.

I know how much life costs, and I know the old and the new, the expensive and the cheap, I know what hearts are.

Does someone else feel the taste of fear and broken promises?!

Do you feel that your soul is as stray as the rain of the season watering roses?!

Do you feel that your body contains a thousand souls and that every soul has a feeling?!

Did you feel suspicious?

I am your lost soul, a stranger.. Didn't you know me closely?!

Don't I deserve to be in your arms, I'm tired of being alone.

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