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Formed and bound with strong, light weight natural rattan, this "Rattan" collection is a beautiful addition to your home. Comes with a seat cushion to cushion the bums.
The menageries of Versailles were a sight to be seen, often filled with exotic animals including lions, and tigers and leopards, oh my! Not typically found in the exotic menageries of the French monarch, Bear, Rabbit and Cat decided it was time they joined their furry friends. Decorating their bodies with patterns unseen before, the court had no choice but to invite these three to join their menagerie and the festivities. Emblazoned with a unique triangular pattern, the Menagerie Collection plates, available in three styles, Bear, Rabbit and Cat, will make a welcome addition to any party.

This wallpaper comes with a unique magnetic liner that transforms your Mural into an interactive work of art. Hide a mini house amongst the branches or let flying pigs catch forty winks at the end of another magical day.
This Pastel Pastiche Pencil Case is inspired by collage. Delicate flowers and a lithograph-inspired rabbit lend a graceful edge to this unique stationary. Stow your office staples or your best drawing kit with these stationary supplies- this nostalgic case will brighten up a dreary day.

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“I wanted a separate cozy space in my room where I could sit and study for long hours together. Was in need for something soft under my feet near the couch. While doing a casual surfing for my requirement my friend at office shortlisted a very good looking 'Tibetan tiger rug' on a website which was around 340$. I liked it so much but, was not sure whether they will dispatch this rug on time or what will be the delivery charges and durability. I talked to the customer care , they told me the option of Paypal for the payment. Delivery charges were nominal and I received the order within 5-6 days. They offer a free delivery on orders above 500 GSD which is a plus. was receiving timely updates that builds a trust, staff was humble at the customer care. But, they should make their website more interactive by flashing a category menu for products on the first page itself. Should work on more payment options as everyone does not have a Paypal account. Since, the products are high on price it will be a plus if they offer a money back guarantee offer as well. Its been around 8 months that I am using this rug and it is still like new, just needs a little extra care for its shine, nothing else. Overall, they are doing good but, have a potential to be the best. All the best for”
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