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The Alexandrite stone 18k gold ring jewelry is a beautiful addition to your unique collection. Buy this unique pendant now.

Alexandrite is a stone of prosperity and longevity. It balances mind and emotions, pacifies soul and promotes spiritual growth. Alexandrite is a rare mineral variety of Chrysoberyl. It has been discovered on April, 17th, 1834 in one of Emerald mines in Ural Mountains (Russia). As the discovery was made on the day the future Russian czar Alexandr II came of age. Therefore the stone was named after him.

Gold jewelry was always a fashion statement and something that every woman adores. Gold ornaments were looked at because of its significance rather than a manifestation of a fashion statement then. However, although the way we look at things must have changed, the essence and impact of the wearing gold remains the same even today.
This lovely ‘God is protective’ silver plated pendant is a very unique piece. It is a silver plated circle shaped pendant. Our professional craftsmen hand carved ” God is protective” in Arabic calligraphy. It also has both oxidized and shiny shades. The pendant is passing by a doubled loop black in white cordon. The size is adjustable.

Islamic calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting and calligraphy. It is therefore based upon the alphabet in the lands sharing either a common Islamic or cultural heritage. Hence it includes Arabic, Ottoman, and Persian calligraphy. They call the Islamic writing khatt Islami in Arabic, which means either Islamic line, or design and construction. The development of Islamic calligraphy is also strongly tied to the Quraan.
The Egyptian Hieroglyphics Silver Bangle is a beautiful addition to your unique collection. Ancient Egyptians believed that the Royals (Pharaohs) names are inscribed in a Cartouche for protection. Furthermore when surrounded in a circle form, this will also provide eternal protection for that name from evil spirits.

Men, women and children wore jewelry. Therefore among Ancient Egyptians, were very skilled craftsmen . Hence the jewelry was beautiful and colorful, and was made out of copper and gold wire, gemstones, colored glass beads. Wide collars were also popular, as were rings, earrings. As well as bracelets worn at the wrist, upper arm and around the ankle. Hence Ancient Egyptians used jewelry for adornment, social status, and protection.
Egyptian fan necklace with agate stone (18k gold plated finish)
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