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Meet 2021 with a number of selected quotes from one of today's most popular authors, Paulo Coelho.

Paulo Coelho's popular year planner is beautiful and practical, and with colorful illustrations by Catalina Estrada that shine with joy of life! It measures 13 x 20 cm and thus easily fits in your bag. Each week is displayed over four pages, and there is plenty of space for notes. The popular year planner is both an inspiring companion and a collector's item.
Holy Animals is a vital and rich book in which Bringsværd in a familiar way pours out his knowledge and presents stories about fourteen different sacred animals.

Tor Åge Bringsværd's fantastic and critically acclaimed anthologies VOV and HYPP were about the cultural history of dogs and horses, about the place of animals in myths, legends and fairy tales all over the world. In Holy Animals he writes about the place of animals in the notions we have about why everything has become as it has become. In all human societies throughout history, animals have a living part of e.g. creation stories. Can God be depicted as a monkey?

At one time, deities in the form of animals were common throughout the world. Yes, perhaps these are simply the oldest images of gods we know! But as humans began to think highly of themselves, so did the gods become more and more like us.
Jay Shetty is a former monk, best-selling author, award-winning storyteller and host of the world's largest health and wellness podcast On Purpose .

My life mission, he says, is to show how the world's timeless wisdom is relevant to us today. How we can remove barriers to our potential and power, overcome negative thoughts and habits and gain access to the inner peace and purpose of our lives, a truth that lies within all of us.
The Last of us Comfort Price : kr305
An important and beautiful book." Nick Cave, songwriter and musician

Non-fiction writer and poet David Whyte shares life-wise views on the content of a wide range of everyday words that have been gradually drained of their power and wealth through our uncritical or unvarnished use. Words like loss, heartache, vulnerability and fear. Consolation consists of short essayistic, wisdom-filled reflections on the meaning of 52 everyday words, from remorse to honesty. A life-affirming book for those who are concerned with meaning and context, the value of language and our mutual belonging to words - and an invitation to change and expand our perspective on life.
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