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The Last of us Parcel Parcel Price : TL21,00
What did Melih Gökçek do to become prime minister?
What happened during the US visit before the AKP was established?
How has it acted like an "organization" for 30 years?
Who were in Team A?
Why did he want to be the president of Fenerbahçe?
What did the brothel bosses do in Ankara?
Who rescued when he was detained?
Why was a gun used in the traffic fight?
To whom and why did Turgut Özal say "stupid"?
When was the first "parcel parcel" sale realized?
I can say that “I, as an Alevi; I say, Alevis would have done great disloyalty if they did not like Ataturk. " Indeed, this is my belief about Atatürk.

As long as the Alevis stay in these lands, they will continue to love Atatürk very much. As long as Atatürk's revolutions remain, Alevis will be at ease. If these revolutions are eroded, the Alevis will be disturbed, and when the revolutions are destroyed, the Alevis' right to life will be taken away.
The Last of us Smile Price : TL12,00
Our society has forgotten to laugh and smile during the troubled days we lived! Political tensions… Economic difficulties… Poverty surrounding the country…

It has made our people unable to laugh with peace of mind!

However, laughing is one of the most beautiful qualities that God has bestowed on human beings. No other creature other than man has the ability to laugh. Our ancestors emphasized the importance of laughter in human life by saying "One laugh is worth two chops".

Dear readers…

This book has been prepared to make you smile by taking you away from daily troubles a little.
The Last of us Plague Nights Price : TL36,00
Plague Nights, on which Orhan Pamuk has been working for 5 years, takes place in Minger Island, the 29th province of the Ottoman Empire, during the 3rd Plague Pandemic in 1901. This historical novel, in which Pamuk discusses the issues of epidemic, quarantine, the state and the individual in a fairy-tale atmosphere, is both a gripping politics and romance novel, and it sheds light on the days we live with its subject.

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