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SIEMENS built-in microwave oven



Seamless and easy cleaning of the oven cavity


Dumplings on the left

Can be installed in a wall cabinet


Electronic rotation control

Easy-to-operate electronic buttons

LCD display-clock function

Program/Additional Features

1 heating mode: microwave

3 automatic cooking programs

4 automatic defrosting programs

memory function

Up to 99 minutes time setting

Technical Information

Capacity: 20 liters

Microwave output: 5 levels of firepower: up to 800 watts

Turntable diameter: 245 mm

Total power: 1.27 kilowatts (13A)

Product size (height x width x depth) 382 x 594 x 319 mm

Oven cavity size (height x width x depth) 210x 308 x 282 mm

Made in China
ActiveSmart™ 900 mm French side door refrigerator 545 liters


The design of this series of products highlights the maximization of space and ease of use. The French-style side-by-side refrigerator adds a lot of color to the kitchen, and the shelf space is fully opened for easy access. Below this refrigerator are spacious drawers and storage boxes that can be fully expanded, allowing food in the freezer to be accessed in an ergonomic manner.
Model: CBWD8514D-S

Washing 8 kg + drying clothes 5 kg 1400 rpm front-mounted washer-dryer

Class A European Energy Label

Washing capacity (kg): 8

Dry clothes (kg): 5

Spin speed (per minute): 0-1400

Washing water temperature: (℃): cold water -20-30-40-60-90


23 hours pre-school laundry time

Ying screen display: digital

Washing time display

Silitech outer barrel

Stainless steel inner barrel

Hydraulic shock absorber

Touch control

Security System-

Machine door lock

Overfill protection

17 laundry programs

White, cotton 90℃

Cotton 60℃

Cotton + prewash 60℃

Mixed clothes 60℃

Anti-allergic laundry 60℃

Quick wash 59 minutes 30℃

Express 14-minute laundry program 30℃

30-minute express laundry program at 30℃

Express 44-minute laundry program at 40℃

Over the water

Drainage + dehydration

Fine clothing 40℃

Hand wash/silk 30℃

Wool 40℃

Wool (dry clothes)

Mixed clothes (dry clothes)

Cotton (dry clothes)

function button:-

Drying procedure

Pre-school laundry time

Express laundry / stain removal option

Spin speed

Water temperature selection

Dimensions (H x W x D) mm: 820 x 596 x 545

made in China
1 tow 2 1HP+1.5HP Variable Frequency Net Cooling Multi-channel Split Machine 42KHG009DSM + 42KHG012DSM + 38KUS027DS3
Multi-part unit is connected to an outdoor unit, saving installation space and money
Unique full DC frequency conversion technology, combined with DC frequency conversion compressor, outdoor unit DC fan and indoor unit DC fan, the cooling efficiency is higher
·Carrier's first high-concentration positive and negative ion air conditioner series, which actively sterilizes and purifies the air, with a positive and negative ion concentration of 4.6X 106 particles/cm²
·Four-in-one cold catalyst activated carbon silver ion antibacterial filter, high-efficiency antibacterial, air purification, mildew and odor proof
·High Power freezing mode, make the room instantly cold
·Independent dehumidification function, most suitable for humid weather
·ECO Sleep power-saving mode, suitable for adjustment during sleep, can prevent you from catching cold when the room temperature is too cold, let you sleep well, save electricity and environmental protection
·My Mode favorite mode, write down your frequently used settings (operating mode, estimated temperature, wind speed), press the button to restore the settings
·Unique double golden diamond anti-rust protective coating, which is applied to the evaporator in the front row and the radiator in the rear row. The outer shell is treated with rust prevention, which makes the air conditioner waterproof and rust-proof, making it durable
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