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Discover the keys to self-healing used in metamedicine : each of us can become his own doctor and help others to heal.

This dictionary was born from thirty years of research, today in its updated and expanded version.

The Metamedicina wants to be a compassionate medicine, which goes beyond that which is conscious to discover and understand the origins of the disease, the pain and discomfort that manifest in our lives and raise awareness.
Do you know the law of attraction but have never achieved great results? Are you skeptical, don't believe this law and think it's all a marketing gimmick? Are you already aware that the Law of Attraction is an exact science?

Believe it or not, the time has come to clarify once and for all: the Law of Attraction works , exists and will be scientifically demonstrated to you in this book for everyone.

You will discover the mathematical formula that will allow you to realize the most extraordinary life you have ever imagined . You will be revealed the 13 key principles that will allow you to discover the missing link in the process of manifesting what you desire. You will understand how to access the source code of the Universe. You will have the definitive solution to your problems
A cardinal principle of Japanese culture , Wabi-Sabi teaches us how imperfection is the force that can lead us to a path of joy. In this new book, Selene Calloni Williams , Jungian psychologist, shaman and expert in shamanic yoga and Japanese aesthetics, reveals the secret to achieving a unique and positive lifestyle.

Learn to accept your frailties and become a " Wabi-Sabi warrior " too by transforming your world through the path of imperfect beauty
The Last of us Quantum Self-Hypnosis Price : €19.00
Hypnosis can also be practiced independently, in which case it is called self-hypnosis.

Since suggestions do not need to come from an external source to be effective, you can experience the benefits of a hypnotic session on your own .

This book + CD contains self-hypnosis tracks designed to move the power of the unconscious within you and meditations with practices designed to promote the expansion of your consciousness, activation of the pineal gland and alignment with the quantum field.

They are traces that reflect the knowledge related to unconscious and superconscious functioning and its activation, and for this reason they are effective and powerful.
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