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From the very beginning, our chocolate journey has been defined by delightful discovery and innovation. In 1970, Rudolf Läderach Jr. invented a new manufacturing procedure for the chocolate truffle, improving the taste and texture. Since then we have composed countless recipes that blend classic notes with modern aspirations.

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A delicious selection of 12 exquisite dark pralines and truffles for an unforgettable taste experience. The box contains the following pralines (without alcohol): Le Noir, Caramel Triangle, Gianduja-Pistache, Piedmont Dark, Mousse Brasil and the Truffle Dark. (0.29 lbs)
A delicious selection of 8 exquisite truffles for an unforgettable taste experience. The box contains the following truffles (alcohol-free): Milk Truffle, White Truffle, Caramel Truffle, Black Truffle. (0.20 lbs)
The Pavés Grand Cru are a creamy smooth, single-origin dark chocolate from Trinidad and almond gianduja cube topped with cocoa powder. For the ultimate chocolate lover, these Läderach chocolates are a can't-miss experience. (0.14 lbs)
This delightful variety of 8 truffles with and without alcohol are an unforgettable taste experience: Marc de Champagne, Capuccino, Baileys, milk chocolate, coconut, dark chocolate and white chocolate truffles. (0.20 lbs)
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“I ordered some of my favourite Swiss Chocolates for a friend that was making holidays in Miami. I was able to order from abroad (Lindt for example accepts orders only within USA) however the product was delivered a bit later than the the 2 days delivery estimation time. There was an issue with the address but I was able to modify it on UPS directly. The support employee at Laderach told me the chocolates warehouse is in New York.”

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