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In Quibdó, a young white mother embarks in a canoe with her five-year-old black boy. They begin a long journey north through Atrato. The questions of the other travelers - and the inner journey of the mother - reveal a heartbreaking fact: the woman who has raised the child almost from birth, must now give it to her biological mother, who lives in a distant town, downstream . This journey through the heart of Chocó, and through that wound full of fish, is a journey in which the protagonists go to meet their destiny, and to meet the most complex and profound history of the country where we live.
The Last of us History Review Price : $50,000
It is common to hear discussions about the origin of peoples, where our ancestors came from or why we are different from our neighbors. Stories abound in Colombian towns, urban legends about the identity of the regions and those who populated the territories in times past. Revision of history adds to this effort, using the language of the comic, and through a series of self-conclusion stories about the settlement and the name that various Colombian towns received, through which the author exposes his own vision about the region that today is Antioquia and some regions of Colombia.

One of Philip K. Dick's best novels, and undoubtedly the most widely read, this work is a mind-blowing technological nightmare, whose main theme is the imprecise boundary between the natural and the artificial. In a devastated world littered with technological wreckage and empty apartment blocks, Rick Deckard is a mercenary hunter guinea pig.The task is to remove the rebellious androids from circulation, a profession that is also the cause of many problems with his wife. However, the new Nexus-6s are androids with special characteristics, almost human, which significantly hinders their work and can lead to problems that you cannot even imagine.Ridley Scott was based on this splendid novel for his film Blade Runner , a milestone in the genre of science fiction that recreates with implacable logic some of the characteristics of the world of today and raises a series of highly topical issues.It has been said that without the film version of Blade Runner there would be no Matrix trilogy as we know it, and surely the Ridley Scott version would not exist without the original novel by Philip K. Dick,

The Last of us The dispossessed Price : $69,000
Shevek, a brilliant physicist, originally from Antares, an isolated planet and "anarchist", decides to undertake an unusual journey to the mother planet Urras, in which a strange system called the "proprietary" reigns. Shevek believes above all else that the walls of hatred, mistrust and ideologies, which separate his planet from the rest of the civilized universe, must be torn down. In this context, the author explores some of the problems of our time: the position of women in the social structure, the complexity of human relationships, the merits and promises of ideologies, the perspectives of political idealism in today's world.

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