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Custom printed flower pot'Small'

-Pot production unit price: 6,200 won (including planting powder/including support/tax-free product)

-Quantity: 48

-Design draft fee: None

-Printing setting fee: None (If the quantity is below the standard quantity, only the first time will be charged.)

-Flower: Small flower random

-Additional gift shopping bag: KRW 17,500

-13 places for individual delivery: 39,000 won (post office courier/national delivery)

-Total: 354,100 won
Custom printed flowerpot'rectangle'

-Pot production unit price: 30,000 won (including planting powder/including support/tax-free product)

-Quantity: 47

-Flowers: 37 snow sapphires and 10 stucky

-Draft change fee: 10,000 won

-Courier + delivery

40, Namdaemun-ro 9-gil -24 Yongdal KRW 27,000

Individual delivery to other addresses-23 items 69,000 won
[Monthly (Monthly) Pollen Story September] Search for Hidden Words
[Simple Photo Flower Pot-Medium Rectangle]
Make the only flower pot in this world~
(Please upload a picture only~)
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