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The Last of us A modern desire Price : €21.99
A modern desire revolves around human relationships: between lovers, friends, but also between man and animal, parent and child, man and thing. The characters in these fourteen stories sometimes have to twist themselves into difficult turns to plod through incomprehension and distance, to bridge gaps. Again and again the question arises: how do we relate to each other in a sometimes dark, labyrinthine world? And what does that tell us about ourselves, and our place in that world?

The Last of us The Tiny Millions Price : €24.99
Just like in his bestseller Splendid Ruins, Jess Walter presents an astonishingly realistic time image in The Tiny Millions. This time he moves to America in the early twentieth century. Brothers Rye and Gig Dolan scrape together a living, hitch a ride on freight trains and queue up for a day's work with corrupt subcontractors. While sixteen-year-old Rye longs for a steady job and a home of his own, his older brother Gig dreams of a better world. Together with other trade unionists, he fights for fair wages and decent treatment. Rye doesn't share his brother's idealism and chooses his own path, yet he falls for Elizabeth Gurley Flynn,
The Last of us Ship in dock Price : €26.50
JMA Biesheuvel's rich and extensive oeuvre appeals to the imagination of many. It is full of short stories and novellas about the world's seas, special loners, travels, his childhood and the insane asylum, and contains an exceptional dose of absurd logic. With his many collections, such as In the upper cage and Journey through my room, Biesheuvel has shown what his imagination and fantasy are capable of. It made him a much-loved storyteller, if not the best in the Netherlands, who with his stylistic wealth guaranteed classic titles such as 'Moped at sea', 'De angstkunstenaar', 'Tanker cleaning' and 'Letter aan Vader'. In his own words, Biesheuvel had the sensation that he had 'disappeared'… Read more

The Last of us By the sea Price : €23.50
Of all our landscapes, we love the coast the most. The beach is the last place where young and old, rich and poor run into each other. Martin Hendriksma describes how an inhospitable sandy desert, constantly threatened by the water, could become a favorite place to relax. He forges the fortunes of colorful coastal inhabitants and historical events into a chain of salty stories, stretching from Cadzand to Rottumeroog.
Aan Zee is a generously illustrated chronicle of five hundred years of coastal experience. From floods, slavery
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