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The plant trolleys from Hestera with a large selection of colors are ideal for your urban garden for outside on the balcony, terrace or in the garden . These plant trolleys are easy on the back because of the ergonomic standing height. The modern raised bed made of metal offers sufficient depth to plant vegetables, herbs and flowers. Easy to assemble and maintain, space-saving and resistant to rust and fluctuating temperatures.
Lifespan> 25,000 hours
Power 7 watts
120 ° lighting angle
Luminous flux 1.206 lumens
Number of LEDs: 14x Hi-Power LED chip
The Venso 7 watt SUNLiTE LED plant lamp offers potted plants with high light requirements the optimal light wavelengths for healthier growth, especially during the dark season or in dark rooms. It is available in five different colors and is inserted directly into the plant pot with a telescopic rod, the telescopic rod can be extended to a maximum of 1 m. The lamp emits a pleasant, warm white light, which was modeled on daylight. State-of-the-art LED technology is used. The built-in LED chips are equipped with precisely the wavelengths that stimulate photosynthesis and the formation of chlorophyll. So not only do your plants look better, they also feel good. The result is really amazing: more leaves, more flowers, more fruit.
Pendularis is a fascinating eye-catcher that enhances public and private spaces: as a representative statement for sustainable thinking and as a sign of Swiss pioneering spirit. An incomparable way of greening rooms.

Pendularis® was developed by the Institute for Environment and Natural Resources of the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences and is extremely easy to care for. Thanks to the innovative, elegant design, the integrated plants seem to float in the room. With their filigree lightness and visual elegance, the installations enhance public, business and private spaces. Optional LED light bars make the greenery an eye-catcher even at night.
Bio-material fermented with EM is called Bokashi. The term "Bokashi" originally comes from Japanese and
means "gradual transformation". In contrast to the classic compost heap in the garden, the same material can be
fermented into silage using the Bokashi method with little effort in the absence of air. Simply mix in EM Aktiv, put on
and wait.
The Bokashi method accelerates the ripening of the organic material and suppresses the development of putrefaction. Bokashi is an
ideal food for soil life and promotes microbial activity in the soil. So soil fertility can be
improved in a simple and natural way .

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